CarSafe System
A dual role device for detection of possible magnetically attached I.E.D "planted" on a vehicle underbody, and as a function of advanced vehicle intruder alarm. The driver or keeper of the vehicle is given visual warning of a possible attached device or that the doors, bonnet or boot have been opened.

"State of the Art" CMOS Technology to provide a most advanced detection system of its type available.

Utilizing microprocessor techniques the system carries out advanced Noise Cancellation and Ambient Magnetic Threshold measurements, to ensure system functionality and optimum performance in even the harshest RF Environments.

It is a commonly known fact, that within an environment that produces the need for protection against acts of hostility, invariably a harsh RF environment is brought about by the increased security activity.

The CarSafe System

The Magnetic Detection is effected by the attachment of a minimum of 4 and upto 8 optional sensors dependent on the size of the vehicle, be it standard saloon car, limousine, bus etc. These sensors are small enough to be concealed within the fabric of all modern vehicles.

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage 7-30 Volts DC
This wide ranging supply range enables installation in vehicles on both 12V and 24V DC systems.
Operating Current (4 sensors) 25mA.
With a total current drain of 25mA the system can safely operate on an average car for 1000 HOURS, and still have plenty of power in reserve in the battery for an engine start.
Operating Temperature -25 TO +85C.
With full Mil.Spec. Temperature range, CarSafe will operate to its full design specification in just about any Major City in the World.

Sensitivity 2mA/Meter. The sensitivity is set by the Detector Chip itself, and is sensitive enough to give 100% coverage, when installed correctly, it will detect even the smallest magnetic field.

Protection Against R.F.I.
R.F.I Protection tested to MOD Spec. as follows:-
      0-30 mHz . . . . . . .200V/meter
      30-80 mHz . . . . . .50V/meter
      80-500 mHz . . . . . 20V/meter

Exit and Entry Time.
30 seconds exit time before fully arming which allows
the driver time to remove items say from the boot prior
to locking up and leaving the vehicle. Entry time is
10 seconds to prevent false alarms on spurious emissions.

Weight - main unit 300grams / Detector 100grams

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