Cellular Activity Analyzer
The new Executive CAD is a brand new state-of-the-art portable cellular phone detector that just happens to be a modified but fully functioning HP Jornada™ 548 hand held computer.

CAD monitors and detects all cellular communication activity in a given area such as an office, factory, laboratory or yard. Whenever cellular transmission is detected, the CAD provides the user with real time audio and visual alerts. CAD also creates a report of cellular activity that took place during a certain period of time.

By using pattern matching technology, the CAD is able to differentiate between signaling activity such as SMS messages sent or periodic registration updates generated automatically by the GSM phone, and actual voice or data calls.

The CADoffers mobile phone based bug detection for:

Government agencies
Private Investigators
Eavesdropping prevention specialists ('bug sweepers')
Detect prohibited use of mobile phones:
Investigation rooms
Military bases
Prisons (CAD can pinpoint actual cell of offending mobile phone user)
Schools, colleges and universities (examination cheat detection)
Computer and sensitive equipment rooms

Eavesdropping has long been known to be highly effective for all types of espionage. Most eavesdropping devices are based on wireless technology. In recent years, mobile communications technologies have become very popular and are being used for eavesdropping more and more. Using cellular based technology as the link between the bugging device and the recording/listening facility has a number of advantages:

Range: unlike conventional bugging devices, cellular based technology has unlimited operating range and does not require a close by receiver that can be detected;
Inexpensive: due to the widespread use, mobile terminals have become very cheap;
Hard to detect: mobile terminals in standby (idle) mode do not transmit and are extremely difficult to detect by using existing bug detection equipment;
Innocent looking: some bugging devices look like a normal mobile phone. Such devices are also known as Spy phones or Rat phones are in wide use for industrial espionage intelligence gathering and brutal invasion of privacy of VIPs. In fact, given these advantages, cellular phones are frequently used to remotely activate a variety of electronic devices in addition to bugging devices. Such devices include hidden cameras, bombs and others.

Technical Specifications (Preliminary)
Open air typical range 50 meters
Indoors typical range 20 meters
NOTE range is a function of distance from nearest base station
The CAD is optimized for use on GSM, PCS and Nextel networks. CDMA is currently detectable only at short range. This deficiency will be corrected at next upgrade which will be available to existing users in the form of a slot card.

Sensitivity adjustment software controlled
Frequencies detected digitally adjustable
Antennas integral, omni-directional
Processor 133 MHz 32-bit Hitachi SH3 processor
Memory 32 MB RAM / 16 MB ROM
Display 240 x 320 pixels LCD CSTN backlit
Power Built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
Input voltage Worldwide auto-voltage AC adapter

Size 5.2 x 3.1 x 0.6 inches (13 x 7.8 x 1.6 cm)
Weight (w/o AC adapter) 9.1 oz (260 g) with battery
Infrared IRDA compatible
Serial port RS232
USB port 1
Expansion slot CompactFlash Type 1 card slot

The CAD is passive (does not transmit) and is not subject to any regulatory restrictions. It is available for world wide sale.
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice; All trademarks are the property of their respective owners

The CAD is based on a modified HP Jornada™ 548 hand held computer and a Compact Flash card extension. The computer is fully functioning except that the microphone is disabled. The CAD software runs on Pocket PC 2002 and is activated using a stylus pen and a touch screen. Software User interface main features include:
Sensitivity (range) setting
Timer setting
Real time audio and / or visual alerts
Activity log
Activity reports
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