Contraband Search Kit
with density detector and endoscopes
The Contraband Search Kit contains the following:

The Contraband Detector with all the above seen accessories
Ultrasonic Density Detector for detecting concealed compartment
Flexible Fiberoptics Endoscope with light source
Assorted steel probes and extension mirrors with flashlight

The Contraband Detector can positively detect concealed drugs, explosives, weapons, currency and much more.  It is a fast effective way of detecting contraband concealed in objects such as containers, tires, car doors, fuel tanks and in other objects which can contain illegal substances such as vehicles, trucks, boats and airplanes.

The Contraband Detector is a one-piece assembly requiring only one hand for operation.  During routine field use no components or sub-assemblies require or permit removal, other than the replacement of the standard 9V transistor battery, attachment of separate, audible alarm headset, or the optional remote arm.  The unit has a rubber grip pad surface for comfort and an integrally mounted safety wrist strap.  The unit also has an easily replaceable Velcro anti-scratch pad and a spare Velcro pad and display overlay panel are provided with the Buster.

The Contraband Detector indicates the difference in density between contraband (drugs explosives, weapons, currency etc) and the object in which the contraband is hidden, for example an empty tire filled with air as opposed to an illegal tire filled with drugs.

The Contraband Detector directs a beam of energy into the object being inspected.  A filled space reflects back more energy than an empty space.  As the Buster is moved across the surface of the object, the measurement is displayed on a digital LCD, and an alarm sounds if the density changes.

The Contraband Detector’s directed beam of gamma rays will penetrate the surface of an object.  It can ‘see through’ wood, metal, textiles and plastic.  Since every material has a specific density, unexpected changes become obvious.  The gamma rays cause no damage to the object being inspected.

Dimensions 5.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches (140 x 64 x 64 mm)
Weight 2.5 Pounds (1.1 Kg)
Display 3 1/2 digit LCD, updates every 1/2 second, LO BATT and Minus sign. The display includes a push button operated electroluminescent back light panel.
Alarm 50 db pulse, 0.50 second interval.
Battery 9V Alkaline Disposable. Low Battery warning. (Battery Life several months)
Scan Rate 0.25 second per reading.
Auto Alarm 1 Std. Deviation + 1 count. 50 db pulses of 0.50 second deviations.
Operation Modes Raw Data, Data Scan (Alarm), Zero Scan (Alarm) Calibration, Self-Diagnosis Modes, plus Lock Mode.
Detector Cesium lodide Scintillation Crystal.
Source Barium 133 - Max 10 microcuries / 370 Kbq.
Shield Tungsten Carbide, automatic retraction when not in use with safety indicator.
Carrying Case Buster Contraband Detector with remote display, one pocket pencil probe, headset, manuals and consumables.
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