Corporate, Industrial, & Executive Security
Bulletproof & Explosiveproof
  Body Armor - Bulletproof Vests
Besides being stylish and loaded with features, the ZERO-Gs unique shape is the result of extensive research into applied biometrics. The most dramatic advance in concealable body armor in 25 years! A new standard for armor comfort and wearability...
  Bulletproof Fold Out Briefcase
A protective bullet proof briefcase that can be used by V.I.P's,  Executives,  government officials, etc.,This unique fragmentation and bulletproof vests has been combat proven under the harshest conditions and provides utmost protection while allowing easy maneuvering and mobility.
  Bulletproof Glass
Special window glazing process reproduces the original shape, dimension, appearance, safety, and comfort. We maintain tight bending tolerances, ensuring an easy fit of our glass to the vehicle and for esthetical reasons, we
can polish all of the edges on the operable doors...
  Bulletproof Automobiles
In response to the perceived threats from various criminal or political origins, the need for armor in vehicles has been steadily on the rise. Armored vehicles can be utilzed by heads of state, government officials, private and corporate individuals, and their selection is usually...
  CarSafe System
A dual role device for detection of possible magnetically attached I.E.D "planted" on a vehicle underbody, and as a function of advanced vehicle intruder alarm. The driver or keeper of the vehicle is given visual warning of a possible attached device or that the doors, bonnet or boot have been...
  Anti-Terrorist Vehicle Packages
We can pick up your vehicle at the location of your choice. We provide service anywhere, for ANY vehicle including conventional cars along with taxicabs, buses, limousines, van, utility vehicles, etc. Without a doubt the most effective tool in the art of crime prevention...
  Bulletproof Windows & Doors For Business & Home
Bullet resistant transparent armor is used in all Lasco International armored vehicles. Our transparent armor is a special glass/polycarbonate laminate that can resist penetration by common handguns and high powered
rifle rounds. The bullet resistant glass armor replaces...
  Bullet-Resistant Glazing
Glazing for Banks and Protective Interface: Available in Acrylite BRT & Acrylite GRT GAR.  Light Weight for Cost Savings. Clarity that Rivals Glass.  Warranted for Ten Years. Easy Cleaning. Performance Proven by Weap-
ons tests. Excellent Protection for jewelry stores and...
  Security Access Systems
These attractive doors can be customized to match any decor or building specification. They are made up of shock-proof and bullet-resistant (Level 111) glass. Magnetometers automatically scan for concealed guns, knives or explosives. Denies access into building when...
  Armored Guard House
Each armored guard house is designed to meet individual security, ballistic requirements. All levels of ballistic protection are available. Features bullet-resistant glass allowing full visibility. Comes with armored door with
automatic closer, security lock and exit bar...
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