Corporate, Industrial, & Executive Security
Tracking, Trailing & Pursuit
  Personal Navigation Phone
A revolutionary communication instrument you’ll never get lost with. It is the first phone ever for locating and directing people with GSM and GPS technology. It guides you and shows all necessary information for getting from one place to another, no matter if you’re in the wilds or in the city...
  Ultimate GPS Global Tracking Device
The GSS-777 is a compact, durable and highly sensitive GPS tracking system which provides fast and reliable GPS tracking in the most extreme weather conditions. Only 66 millimetres long, the lightweight and waterproof  locator features real-time tracking capabilities through the Internet...
  Asset and Vehicle Locator 
Cellular Tracking can be used to track, locate and monitor all kinds of vehicles, farm equipment, motorcycles, boats and more. "Cell Tracker" works in 120 countries and has many applications. The unit will notify your mobile telephone immediately that your...
  Hostage Tracker
The GSS Hostage Tracker system is used by our clients worldwide for surveillance and for rapid recovery of kidnapped victims. Micro miniature waterproof RF transmitter, size of a small paper clip with battery life from 6 months to up to 2 years. It can be easily concealed and sewn into clothing...
  License Plate Number Grabber
Acars’ plates, reads and identifies their numbers. The identified number is displayed on the system display, and can be transferred to an external computer or to other Windows applications. The image file(s) can...
  Pocket Laser Canon
the very latest latest of the non lethal weapons that is used to combat the increasing numbers of sea pirates all around the globe. It can target unidentified vessels from more then a mile away and if the pirates continued to approach, the beam's  intensity would disorient and temporarily blind...
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