EOD/IED De-Armer & Disruptor
Developed as a dual role, De-Armer Disruptor, designed to defeat the threat posed by more complex, better protected, improvised explosive devices (IED's) and to deal with unexploded ordnance (UXO), the GS1000 De-Armer Disruptor remains completely recoilless during operation. The GS1000 utilizes the standard electrically fired 0.5" cartridge XLIE 1.

When used as a Disruptor the GS1000 will be set up close to the suspect device and aimed at the firing circuit or detonator. On firing it will project a water slug into the device, disrupting the firing circuit without causing detonation of the device's explosive contents.

As a De-Armer, the GS1000 will project a variety of steel slugs into the fuses or pistols of air dropped bombs and some land service ammunition. A bolster slug enables it to be used against other UXO as well as being effective against metal-cased IED's.

The GS1000 De-Armer Disruptor is a multi-shot device, capable of many firings without distortion. It requires minimum maintenance and can be used for IEDD and EOD Personnel Training without detriment to its performance. The ABL1000 can be accurately positioned either on its robust, lightweight stand or on its own. When fitted to a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), no damage is caused since the recoil forces are not passed to the vehicle.

The GS1000 is constructed from anti-corrosion precision-machined parts which are subject to the most demanding quality control during manufacture. Flow detection tests as detailed in MFD601, then crack-detection and over-proof firing, are carried out before being accepted into service.

Training and maintenance are simple and all tools and equipment are supplied. All spare parts and consumables are contained in the kit. With correct maintenance, barrel life is virtually unlimited. There is no difference between a service GS1000 De-Armer Disruptor and one used for training.

The GS1000 De-Armer Disruptor is supplied as a complete kit, with the exception of the firing cartridges, in a robust shock-tested metal container. Cartridges XLIE1 are supplied in units of 77- off packed in H83 Ammunition Containers.

Disruptor: Container:
Material: Aluminum Overall: 873 x 428 x 187 mm
Color: NATO Green Material: Aluminum/ Weight of Kit: 25kg
Overall Length: 284mm
Weight: 3.5kg
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