Desktop Postal X-ray Scanner
A space saving cabinet postal x-ray scanner / bomb detector for checking letters and small packages.

Its compact size allows it to sit on a standard table-top or under a desk or mailroom bench and makes it ideal for locations where space is limited. X-ray imaging is in black and white and colour with several image enhancement options for highlighting low, medium and high density materials.

Image enhancements are made using a simple handheld mouse. the images are then stored on screen until the next x-ray exposure is made.

Tests have shown that these colorscan x-ray units are able to view powders in envelopes provided the envelopes are scanned flat in small batches (30/ 40 layers of envelopes only)  The new flat screen monitor can sit on top of unit, on top of desk or be remote wired to a security control room.

Advantage over models incorporating a built in monitor (remote viewing possible and no unit shutdown or expensive maintenance due to monitor error- simply swap over monitor!)

- small compact size
- screens parcels up to 30 x 40 cm (12 x 16")
- front opening door
- single push-button operation
- easy mouse control
- security key
- 17" flat screen lcd monitor
- no special operator skills required
- easy to install and maintain

- black and white image
- inverse b/w image
- up to 8x zoom
- enhanced image ("sees through" dense materials)
- 3 colour image enhancement screens (highlights low, medium and high density materials in
  different colours)
- ideal for checking mail and small packages
- 17" flat panel monitor

- print, email and image archive facility (includes desk-top pc, framegrabber software and
  colour printer
- remote controls (remote x-ray on, remote monitor and mouse)
- network model (save and view images across your pc network)
- premier model links to external pc with advanced imaging software including edge enhancement,
  sharpen, sub-image (highlight a suspect area and change brightness and contrast within that area
  ideal for powders), rotate image, annotate image, email image, download to memory stick and

Postal x-ray scanners use very low level x-rays and conform to all published international electrical safety standards and are issued with a certified radiation safety and critical examination report upon delivery and installation

Full maintenance and back up support is available either direct from us or from one of our local agents. due to the nature of their design postal x-ray scanners have no conveyor or electrical moving parts that may require expensive servicing

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