Digital Video Motion Guard
The Digital Video Motion Guard (DVMG) is a revolutionary new Detection System that analyzes, detects and records all movements and background changes in the picture scene of a CCTV camera. Even changes as small as 3 pixels could trigger an alarm and log the event.

Analyzing both foreground and background changes, the DVM Guard’s 16 cameras are individually programmed and masked by up to 16 different sensitivity grids, that can trigger 16 different alarms, over 8 different time zones. The DVM Guard’s “Scene Detection” marks and logs all changes, by assessing the physical parameters in the background, noticing and marking the addition or removal of an object. The motion detection, then marks changes of movement of an object in the foreground.

Changes of the Scene Detection and Motion Detection Parameters Sensitivity are defined by the pre-programmed size of the object, motion speed of the object, and time of duration of the object within the masked areas.

The application for the DVM Guard Detection System is extremely diverse due to its unique motion parameters and ability to assess both indoor and outdoor environments simultaneously.

Providing High Security Solutions to Complex Problems such as:

Fire and Smoke Detection: As the DVM Guard is able to detect even the smallest changes in the picture scene, a slight amount of smoke can also become an addition to the scene, triggering an alarm much sooner than a standard heat or smoke detector. Therefore, the DVM Guard can be used indoors or outdoors to detect the slightest amount of smoldering smoke from arson, machinery on fire, presence of smokers in “No Smoking” areas, starting of a Forest fire, even smoke from a just fired missile, rocket or similar Terrorist threat.

Bomb Threat: The DVM Guard will detect even slight (3 pixels) changes through its Scene Detection Delay Parameters. Therefore, unaccounted for packages left alone for a period of time can trigger an alarm.
Applications include: Hydro & Nuclear Power Plants and Facilities, Military and Government Facilities, Embassies, Petrol Oil & Gas Storage Facilities, Airports, Shopping Malls, other Public areas like Arenas and Tourist attractions.

Equipment and Machinery Monitoring and Guarding: This could be critical when the slightest change of a dial or gauge is significant. Remote viewing allows quick - Immediate response when the Alarm is triggered.
Applications include: Manufacturing Facilities, Hydro or Nuclear Power Plants, Nuclear Submarines, Navy Ships, Cruise or Cargo Ships, Automated Production Lines, Mechanical Rooms, Biochemical or Nuclear Storage Facilities,  Petrol Oil and Gas Storage Facilities, Hospital Emergency Rooms, etc.

Vast Outdoor Perimeter Protection: The DVM Guard can detect any motion in unauthorized areas, triggering an alarm on a 3 pixel change, providing the ability to monitor specific events from great distances through day & night Vision CCTV Cameras.
Applications include: Nuclear & Hydro Electric Power Plants, Petrol Oil & Gas Storage Facilities, Water Storage & Filtration Plants, Biochemical and Nuclear Plants, Military and Government Installations including Sensitive Areas, Correctional Facilities - Prisons, International Borders, Construction Sites, Vehicle Compounds and Parking areas.

Chemical Toxic Spill or Water Damage: The DVM Guard provides early detection of even a slight leak or discharge, generating immediate alarm notification.
Applications include:  Hydro Electric Dams and Power Plants, Nuclear Facilities and Power Plants, Biochemical Facilities, Water Plants, Petrol Oil & Gas Storage Facilities.

Transportation Monitoring & Control: The DVM Guards Scene Detection ensures that runways are clear of objects, railway tracks are switching properly, and vehicles in marked areas are marked and dealt with.
Applications include: Airports, Railways & Subway Tracks and Tunnels, Bridges, Highways and Interchanges, Hospitals, etc.

Theft Control: In this situation, it is important to apprehend the individual before the items leaves the facility or the building. Here again, The DVM Guard can detect the missing objects as a change in the scene, triggering an alarm as soon as the object is being picked up - stolen.
Applications include: Important & Confidential Documents, Fine Jewelers, Museums, Gold and Gem Production houses, Banks, etc.

Graffiti and Vandalism: The DVM Guard can detect vandals marking objects or walls as it happens live, by analyzing changes in the background, triggering an alarm when there are changes in the scene of the CCTV camera.
Applications include:  Schools, Private & Public Facilities, Art Galleries and Museum, etc.

DVM Guard Specifications:

Enclosure:                          19” rack mount
Video Input:                       16 BNC
Video Standards:               PAL / NTSC
Image Resolution:             PAL (768 x 576)  / NTSC (1024 x 768)
Compression Algorithm:   JPEG, AVI, Wavelet
Recording Speed:              PAL (40 Images/Sec.)  / NTSC ( 50 Images/Sec.)
Motion Detection:              Analyses foreground movement
                                            16 cameras/masks/16 sensitivity filters/8 time zones
Slow Detector (SSD):         Neurons type Algorithm
                                            analyzes changes to background
                                            16 cameras/masks/16 sensitivity filters/8 time zones
Video Clips Export:             Floppy, CD writer
Communication Protocol: TCP/IP Network
Ethernet Port:                     10/100 network compliant
Hard Drive Space:              80 GIG to 1 Terabyte
Operating Platform:           2000 XP
Alarms Inputs:                    32

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