NEW Dual Frequency Non Linear Junction Detector

The NEW small, light weight & compact Dual Frequency Non Linear Junction Detector (DF-NLJD)
is the indispensable tool for quick and reliable detection of devices containing semiconductor
components and electronic circuits. It can be used for counter-surveilance search works in
premises (covert transmitters identification), as well as for indoor & outdoor  location of explosive
devices. It is capable of detecting concealed mobile phones in prisons, recording devices, hidden
miniature cameras and other types of electronic evasdropping devices from a safe distance of up to
10 meters (30ft). Our unique Dual frequency technology with a patent pending unique dual antenna
system and long range detection capabilities places it truly apart from the competition.

      Main competitive advantages:

The dual frequency operation mode gives the DF-NLJD a significant advantages over regular
single frequency NLJD units  since it is much better to detect small-sized and high-
frequency semiconductor objects at high frequencies whereas the use of low frequencies
benefits from improved detection in the wet ground and concrete walls;
It is possible to operate in one of the frequency ranges and in both of them simultaneously;
An embedded parabolic antenna with high gain (20 dB at 3600 MHz) enables highly precise
detection of semiconductor components from a safe distance (up to 10 m);
Precise Laser pinpointing for a space selective object localisation;
Wide power control range, automatic and manual modes of probing signal level adjustment;
Possibility to listen to the envelope detector output as well as to the received signal level via
a built-in loundspeaker and wireless head phones to evaluate parametric impacts (e.g.
knocking) on the suspicious object.

Main characteristics:

Probing signal type: Pulse
First probing signal frequency: 789.5 - 791.5 MHz
Second probing signal frequency range: 3581.5 - 3607.5 MHz
2d harmonic receiver frequency range: (7160-7240) MHz
3d harmonic receiver frequency range: (10740-10860) MHz
Antenna gain at fundamental frequency: 20 dB
Antenna gain at 2d harmonic: 24 dB
Antenna gain at 3d harmonic: 27 dB
Pulse power and duty cycle: 20 W (0,6%)
EIRP (equivalent isotropic radiated power = radiated power plus antenna gain): 2000 W
2d and 3d harmonics sensitivity (antenna gain not considered): -110 dBm
Dynamic range: > 40 dB
Antenna directional pattern width (at 1st/ 2d/ 3d harmonic): 16/ 8/ 4 degrees
Time of continuous operation at the maximum probing power: 3,0 hours
Dimensions in operational / shipping condition: 305?305?280 mm
Total weight: < 1,6 kg


Based on a very high probing signal frequency and a very narrow antenna directional pattern
the NEW Dual frequency NLJD is signifiically superior to any competitive product in the
industry, specifically in terms of detection range, selectivity and positioning accuracy. Some
striking examples: The DF-NLJD and ORION were used in a comparison test to detect 2d
and 3d harmonic junctions which revealed that DF-NLJD has a three times wider detection
range. Moreover, if the 2d and 3d harmonic (i.e. artificial and natural) junctions were located
closer than 30cm to each other, the NLJD ORION could not distinguish between the 2d and
3d harmonics, whereas DF-NLJD had easily separated individual responses at each
harmonic from a distance of at least 1 meter
The use of microwave frequency range gives DF-NLJD some unique capabilities of
detecting semi-conductors hidden inside different materials like plastics, walls, ceramics,
wood, etc. It can detect semiconductors even inside cracks and cavities, ungrounded
shielding, by means of reflection from a smooth surface etc.
A very narrow directional pattern of the antenna and a built-in laser pointer provides space
selective detection of various semiconductor elements with high precision
Sometimes it is a key factor when a suspicious object has to be analyzed from a safe
distance, like vehicles, briefcases, luggages, aircraft, cruise ships, etc...
The DF-NLJD uses only quality materials including the latest nano technologies used for
avionics and military products.  It is compact, lightweight weight and is very easy to use.
The electromagnetic influence upon the operator is kept to the minimum level due to a very
low duty cycle of probing pulses and decreased radiation to the operator side
The instrument uses wireless headphones


TSCM sweeps for illegal eavesdropping devices, like microphones, miniature cameras,
audio recorders, etc
Prisson searches for illegal mobile phones, concealed audio & video recorders, sharp
objects, explosives and remote control devices.
Searching suspiccious packages, briefcases and luggages at Airports, Aircrafts and cruise
ships for concealed explosive devices and detonators.
Searches byCustoms and border crossings authorities
Searches by Military and Coast Guard
And many more special applications & assignments


DF-NLJD with Lithium Ion Battery
220/110VAC dual voltage charger
Wireless accessories & receiver with head phones
Soft carrying bag wikth shoulder strap
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