EMP/EMI/EMR Shielding
Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a combination of super-powerful radio waves that if concentrated  by metal wiring can create an enormous electric surge that can completely destroy all electrical and electronic equipment and cripple global communications.

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack is one of only a few ways that a country could be defeated by its enemies -- terrorist or otherwise. And it is probably the easiest. A single Scud missile, carrying a single nuclear weapon, detonated at the appropriate altitude, would interact with the Earth's atmosphere, producing an electromagnetic pulse radiating down to the surface at the speed of light. Depending on the location and size of the blast, the effect would be to knock out power grids and other electrical systems across much or even all of a continent for months, if not years.

Few if any people would die right away. But the loss of power would have a cascading effect on all aspects of society. Communication would be largely impossible. Lack of refrigeration would leave food rotting in warehouses, exacerbated by a lack of transportation as those vehicles still working simply ran out of gas (which is pumped with electricity). The inability to sanitize and distribute water would quickly threaten public health, not to mention the safety of anyone in the path of the inevitable fires, which would rage unchecked. And as we have seen in areas of natural and other disasters, such circumstances often result in a fairly rapid breakdown of social order.

This threat may sound straight out of Hollywood, but it is very real. CIA Director Porter Goss recently testified before Congress about nuclear material missing from storage sites in Russia that may have found its way into terrorist hands, and FBI Director Robert Mueller has confirmed new intelligence that suggests al Qaeda is trying to acquire and use weapons of mass destruction. Iran has surprised intelligence analysts by describing the mid-flight detonations of missiles fired from ships on the Caspian Sea as "successful" tests. North Korea exports missile technology around the world; Scuds can easily be purchased on the open market for about $100,000 apiece.

When the sun is in the active phase of its 11-year cycle, it can unleash powerful electro magnetic storms that can disable satellites, threaten astronaut safety, and even disrupt communication systems on Earth. The worst of such storms can knock out power grids by inducing currents that melt transformers. Modern power grids are so interconnected that a big space storm - the type expected to occur about once a century - could cause a cascade of failures that would sweep across the earth, cutting power to millions of people, the new report concludes.

Such widespread power outages, would affect other vital systems. Impacts would be felt on interdependent infrastructures with, for example, potable water distribution affected within several hours; perishable foods and medications lost in 12-24 hours; immediate or eventual loss of heating/air conditioning, sewage disposal, phone service, transportation, fuel resupply and so on. Outages could take months to fix, the researchers say. Banks might close, and trade between countries might halt. Emergency services would be strained, and command and control might be lost.

Whether it is a terrorist attack, terrestrial catastrophes or extreme space weather incidents, the results of EMP surge can be devastating to modern societies that depend in a myriad of ways on advanced technological systems.

We at GSS can help you to protect all your electrical and electronic equipment from such devastating attack by keeping it safe in a custom designed Faraday box.

A Faraday box is a special shielded metal box, room or a building designed to divert and soak up the EMP radiation before it can cause a permanent damage. It provides more protection to electrical components than "hardening" through special circuit designs.

Our proprietary Copper or aluminum foil can help you insulate a whole room from EMP by covering the wall, ceiling and floor with metal foil and adding special flexible gaskets to all the openings and windows.

Many government civil defense shelters are now said to have gotten the Faraday box, "foil" treatment. These shelters are covered inside with metal foil and have metal screens which cover all air vents and are connected to the metal foil. Some of these shelters use our optical fiber systems--protected by plastic pipe--to "connect" communications gear inside the room to the "outside world" without creating a conduit for EMP energy to enter the shelter.

For Military applications our continuously sealed metal barrier has proven to be very effective in preventing EM/HPM energy from reaching susceptible electronic or explosive components.

Our shielded rooms are designed to create environments which are protected from electromagnetic frequencies

·Server rooms
·EMC test rooms
·Computer rooms
·Medical examination rooms
·Rooms for physiotherapy
·Radar protection/Airport
·Military EMC protection
·Board room shielding
·Industrial espionage/ Secure room
·Buildings for intelligence agencies

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