Executive Security Awareness Program
GSS - Global Security Solutionís Executive Security Awareness Program is designed to reduce the possibility of corporate executives falling victim to potentially dangerous terrorist or criminal activities directed against the company and/or its executives. Our security experts will conduct executive security awareness briefings for senior management at any location globally, teaching and training them how to react and respond in extreme dangerous and critical situations.

A proper Executive Security Preparedness Program is wise business practice. It protects both, the corporation and its shareholders. Any injury, trauma or excessive threat to the executive team could have a crucial impact on the company as a whole.

As the first step to this program, GSS Security Consultants would initiate an  Executive Security Survey with the cooperation of the clientís existing security personnel, and identify the executives to be included in the overall Executive Security Program. This would make it possible to develop an effective and manageable Executive Security and Crisis Contingency Plan to assist the client and his personnel in responding to all types of emergency situations. GSS will review, evaluate, and make recommendation concerning executive security procedures.

The complete security program, including the initial security survey, assessment and training would include the following subjects:

- Security at the corporate business location
- Residential security of the executives
- Family members and their daily routines
- Frequently traveled routes and the mode of transportation
- Law enforcement liaison
- Foreign/domestic travel
- Mail and package procedures
- Aircraft security
- Aircraft crew security awareness
- Executive security awareness and training

At the conclusion of the survey, GSS will prepare a detailed written report, which includes the findings and recommendations for enhancing the security of the executives. The client will receive a verbal report once the survey has been completed, and the written report will follow shortly after.

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