Explosives Vapor Detector
The GSS4 is a further development of an existing range of detectors designed to facilitate the searching of people, luggage, parcels etc. for hidden explosives. The unit is powered entirely from its own 12v rechargeable battery pack which is connected to the unit by a quick-release weatherproof connector. The GSS4 is extremely simple to operate. The unit is controlled by a single weatherproof on/off push button switch. Once activated, it will automatically adjust to the surrounding environment, avoiding possible operator error. Warm up time is in the region of about ten seconds, and the emission of a low frequency tone indicates the unit is ready for use.

When the equipment is switched on a continuous sample of air is drawn in via the nozzle. A concentration of explosive vapors in the sampled air exceeding 1 part in 109 by volume will cause the instrument to emit a high pitched tone. The frequency excursion of the tone is an approximate measure of the concentration of explosive vapors sampled. The source can be located by passing the probe across the area from which the response was obtained and listening to the variations in response. When desirable the tone can be fed through the earphone so that it is audible to the operator only. A red light, which is visible to the operator but not to the person being searched, also appears when a strong sample is obtained.

Product Features:
* Power supply - 12 volt DC rechargeable nickel cadmium battery
* Power input to charger - 220-240v or 110-120v 50/60Hz " Battery life - Minimum 6.5 hours
  constant use; 12 - 14 hours normal intermittent use
* Battery recharge time - 4 hours
* Dimensions - Carrying case - 475mm x 370mm x 95mm; Hand unit - 345mm x 68mm x 50mm
* Weight - Case - 4.5Kg; Hand unit - 820g " Color - Grey case; drab olive green/black or silver/black
   hand unit
* Shipping Specifications (packed airfreight) - Dimensions - 515mm x 425mm x 130mm; Weight -
* Replacements Available - Battery Pack; Battery Charger; Short Probe Assembly; Long Probe
* Servicing Aids - Service Manual; 2nd line Spares - full list available on request.

System Includes:
* GVD4 Hand Unit - Spares & Accessories Package and Carrying case
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