Eye Biometrics Recognition
***The most Secure & Accurate Biometrics Identifier in the Industry……
*** Used today in most of the “Top Secret” Security Facilities……
*** Holder of exclusive US and International Patents on the core concepts   and technologies behind Iris Recognition.

- The unique pattern in the human iris is formed by 6 months age and remains unchanged
   throughout one's lifetime.
- The probability of two irises producing the same code is 1 in 10^78and population of Earth is
   approximately 10^10.
- A distinctive iris pattern is impossible to counterfeit by any scientific technology.

LG IrisAccessTM 3000 is the very secure system using the most individual element of a human of a human body, the Iris. After you register your iris through Enrollment Optical Unit, a distinctive IrisCodeTM is created and maintained on the Server PC. Identification Control Unit create IrisCodeTM from your iris image transferred through Remote Optical Unit adjacent to the door and compares it to pre-enrolled IrisCodeTM. If a matched IrisCodeTM is found, finally you can open the door.


EOU3000(Enrollment Optical Unit)
EOU 3000 is placed on a desk or table adjacent to the Server PC. EOU 3000 contains all the elements necessary to initiate the enrollment process, illuminate the iris and acquire an iris image. EOU 3000 provides voice message and light indication upon the completion of iris registration.

ROU3000(Remote Optical Unit)
ROU3000 is installed adjacent to the door being controlled. ROU3000 is composed of 2 parts, the optical imager with the front enclosure and the rear enclosure. After the rear enclosure is mounted on or recessed into the wall adjacent to the controlled portal, the optical imager with the front enclosure is mounted within the rear enclosure. ROU3000 contains the elements for iris image acquisition. ROU3000 provides voice message and light indication whether the user is recognized or not.

ICU3000(Identification Control Unit)

ICU3000 is installed on the wall inside the protected or controlled area in order to discourage tampering with the computer. ICU3000 creates an IrisCode® from the input iris image through ROU3000 and compares this IrisCode® with pre-memorized iris records. If a matching IrisCode® is found, ICU3000 generates a signal to open the door. Basically ICU3000 can control the access of 2 doors with one Frame Grabber Board(FGB) and one Door Interface Board(DIB) inserted. By putting one more FGB and one more DIB, ICU3000 can control up to 4 ROU3000, namely the access of 4 doors.

Frame Grabber Board(FGB)
Frame Grabber Board captures the analog black and white iris images. Frame Grabber Board converts the analog iris image into the digitized format to process in the Server PC or ICU3000.

Door Interface Board(DIB)
Door Interface Board checks and controls the releasing and the locking of a door being controlled. Door Interface Board also provides the interface between ROU3000 and the Mother Board in ICU3000. Optional replaceable Door Interface Board can interface with Wiegand or RS422 card reader system and with Access Panel.

Server PC
Server PC serves as Super Server, Enrollment Station, Monitoring Station and Management Station. These roles can both be performed via one PC as well as performed via separate PCs. Super Server transfers database records from one Server to the other Server by request. The Server manages stations and ICUs. The Enrollment Station performs the iris registration with EOU3000. The Monitoring Station monitors the status of EOU, ROU, ICU and doors being controlled. The Management Station not only maintains the old and new database of users but also allows downloading of necessary data to ICU3000. (Server PC is prepared by customers.)


Electronic commerce - On-line transactions - Supply chain activities

Positive identification of the people involved on both ends of an on-line transaction is critical. For maximum protection, data encryption technology must be complemented by an identification process like iris recognition to directly link transactions to an authorized person, not an accessible “token” or password. The unique iris recognition identification system virtually eliminates repudiation, increases personal accountability, and significantly reduces risk.

Medical records and other personal information

Labeling health records and other sensitive information with a person's name, ID number, or code is not a secure method of assuring personal privacy or accuracy in data or pharmaceutical delivery. Proprietary and/or personal information can be sealed by an IrisCode record, insuring that the identity of the patient or donor remains anonymous. Only the legitimate "owner" of the data or results can gain or authorize access, protecting privacy and maintaining personal confidentiality.

Security identification - Access control -Identity authentication
Business facilities, safe rooms, and restricted areas and their contents are only as secure as the accuracy and reliability of the system controlling access. PINs, codes, passwords, ID badges, keys, and other tokens can easily be forged, counterfeited, or illegally obtained. None of these vulnerable “tokens” will guarantee or authenticate, with absolute assurance, the identity of the person who presents them. Iris recognition technology provides unquestionable assurance that the person accessing sensitive assets, materials, or sites is the specific individual entitled to access.

Network protection - User verification - Computer security
Iris recognition technology increases the security of computers and networks, and the data stored, shared, or processed within by positively identifying the privileged user, not an easily learned or stored password. With iris recognition, cyber threats and “hacker” intruders meet a formidable barrier to access sensitive databases.

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