Pocket Thermal Camera
Smallest, lightest and versatile, the GSS Pocket Thermal Imaging Camera sets a new standard for the most cost-effective high performance IR thermal cameras in the world. Featured finger-tip controls, stunning imaging performance, precise full-screen temperature measurement...
  Nite Watch Night Vision Ranger
This unique night viewer is probably the lightest and most compact device of its kind, weighing only 330g (including lens and batteries), making it pocket sized and easily concealed. The modular construction of Nite-Watch Plus enables it to be swiftly added to most types of...
  Dual Camera Wireless Night Vision
Rapid deployment makes this product great for event security. The portable device is also ideal for police,
investigators, firemen and scientists. Night vision performance to 150 feet. 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter for remote vision. Matching remote receivers...
  Gen 2+ Night Vision Military Binoculars
Night vision bi-ocular designed for individual night time reconnaissance A unique panoramic eyepiece provides an ease of use that reduces eye fatigue and is perfect for long term viewing. Can be outfitted with 2 versions of 2nd gen. + image intensifier tube configurations, Standard...
  Gen 3+ Night Vision Military Goggles
Robust, dependable, high performance night vision goggle. This model is identical to the model adopted as a standard issue to US Army ground troops, designed to assist viewing provide reliable service in the most unfavorable conditions. soft carrying case and, demist shield, sacrificial...
  Night & Day Vision Gen 1-4 Military Scope
The Most Advanced Day/Night Riflescope System in the world. Superb Accuracy with Ultimate Features at Any Lux! The ATN 4-12X80 is a highly accurate daytime sniper scope. 80mm (!) objective and 40mm(!) tube combined with the best, German quality multicoated glass...
  Night Vision Monocular Gen 1-4
Available in either 1st,2nd, 3rd or 4th generation, the MO-4 is so packed with features that it is unsurpassable by competitors in the same field. High grade light intensifier tubes and precision optics provides the MO-4 with the highest brightness output available. Not only does it have...
  High Grade Military Night Vision Binoculars
High Grade dual tube Military Night Vision Binoculars are using the latest state of the art technology to provide clear & crisp view even under the most adverse conditions. Rugged and versatile, they are used today by USMC, Air force, Navy and Marines. Ideally suited for situations where..
  Ultimate Night Vision Military Binocular
The NEW SSC-7 is “single tube, dual eye” the most common optical concept Night Vision goggles that is similar to the well known in Industry AN/PVS-7 system . Utilizing latest starlight technology its compact and ergonomic design includes built-in three stage Infrared illuminator Short-Medium-Long range...
Day & Night Vision Optics 2
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