GSS 3500 Portable Explosives Detector
DETECTION PRINCIPLE: Luminal Chemiluminescence's - Disposable cartridge
NO RADIOACTIVITY: No radioactive source, and no licensing or radioactive calibration applicable.
DETECTABLE COMPOUNDS: Most military (including plastic) and all types commercially available explosives, C4,TNT, Nitroglycerin, Dynamite, PETM, Semtex, RDX, HMX, ANFO, ICAO
Tangents, (DMNB, EGDN, o-MNT, p-MNT), Urea nitrate, & TATP
SAMPLING CAPABILITIES: Vapors and particulates - Dual Mode
TYPICAL SAMPLE/ANALYSIS TIME: Sample: 5-30 seconds (user selectable based on application)
Analysis: within 15 seconds
CARRIER GAS: None required (ambient air)
CONTROLS: Power switch
KEYPAD: Automatic Vapor/Particulate selector  and Volume control (with optional earphone)
OPERATIONAL STATUS INDICATORS: LED indicator lights  with 4 x 20 Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
DATA STORAGE + COMMUNICATIONS: 1000 retrievable data records  trough RS-232 serial output port for remote control and monitoring
POWER SUPPLY: 12 volt DC rechargeable battery pack, spare battery pack  and 12 volt 110/220AC adapter
OPERATING + STORAGE TEMPERATURES: Operating: 0C to +55C (+32F to +131F)
Storage: 0C to +65C (+32F to +149F)
WEIGHT + DIMENSIONS: Unit weight: 3 kg (6.6 lbs.) in ABS engineered plastic shielded case
UNIT DIMENSIONS: (LxWxH): 51x14x11 cm / 20x5.5x4.3"
SHIPPING WEIGHT: 12 kg (26 lbs.) in steel-reinforced, foam-padded, protective carrying case
WARRANTY: One year return to manufacturer
ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: Remote unattended operation by Remote Control & WiFi data transfer
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The GSS3500 Advanced Portable Explosive Detector is the world's first and most recognized portable explosives trace detector that uses the latest unique Luminal Chemiluminescence technology. It is the only portable device capable of detecting the presence of all threat explosives, including liquid and all types of home made explosives, ICAO tangents, military plastics and TATP. Its quick deployment capability (5-30 seconds) makes it the fastest detector in the industry.


The GSS3500
looks for solvent based as well nitro based explosives (90% of explosives are nitrogen oxide based NO2). The new "Designer bombs" frequently are solvent based i.e., acetone, peroxide etc.   The GSS3500 catches them all. The technology for the "detection principle" is Chemiluminescence's historically the most proven detection method but only used in labs in machines that cost $400K and are huge and do not go in the field.  They are considered scientific testing and analytical equipment. We have the only patent on this tech in field hand-held units--- This is incredible! It's the best solution available in a portable device by a HUGE margin!  The competition can NOT come close to it. It is more selective and sensitive than the EVD and ALL other handhelds.

There are far fewer "false positives" from inaccurate detection of non explosives (false alarms). It has very advanced software that makes it very easy to operate.  It is quite robust and field worthy. Lasts a lot longer in the field prior to maintenance. Cleans and clears itself after contamination by a rich explosive.

The main thing is there is no other device (handheld) that can detect near the variety of explosives that the GSS3500 can.

It also does not use any external carrier gas or radioactive source (unlike others). If portability, quick detection and clear, accurate results are crucial, then this is the explosives detector needed. The GSS3500 offers extremely fast and stable detection with very high selectivity for explosives and immunity to humidity or contamination problems. It detects traces of particulates and vapors, allowing for noninvasive searches of luggage, mail, vehicles, documents and containers.

Operating the GSS3500 :

The GSS3500 is flexible and easy to operate, offering both vapor and particulate sampling without the use of an external carrier gas or radioactive source. Vapors are sampled directly via the sampling nozzle. Particulates are sampled by swiping a suspected object with a cotton glove or other means and transferring any traces to the unit. This dual capability enables users to select the most suitable method of sampling for the explosives of interest. The GSS3500 starts processing samples immediately and gives results in just seconds. All results are indicated on the LCD graphical and numerical display.

* Fast and Proven: The GSS3500 has proven to be capable of detecting plastic and high vapor pressure explosives rapidly-giving clear results you can trust. Luminal Chemiluminescence's is an ASTMEPA standard method for atmospheric monitoring of nitrogen dioxide.

* Sensitive and Selective: The GSS3500 can detect minute traces (low anagram level) of C-4, TNT, Dynamite, PETN, Semtex, EGDN,DMNB, RDX, ANFO, Ammonium Nitrate, Urea Nitrate, Nitroglycerine and TATP, with low false alarm levels and few interferon's. Immune to variations in humidity and environmental conditions.

* Portable: The GSS3500 is self contained, lightweight, less than 3 kg (6.6 lbs), and comes in a fully equipped, rugged carrying case -ready to use when and where needed.

* No Radioactive Isotopes or Radioactivity

* Easy to Use: The GSS3500 is ready for operation within thirty seconds from turn on. When necessary, any minimal cleaning takes only a few seconds. The simple push of a button automatically activates the sampling and analysis mode. Results are displayed on an easy-to-read LCD making the GSS3500 ideal for all non-technical personnel. ICAO tangents and tagged plastic explosives.

Portable Advanced Explosives Detector used by:

* Police & Bomb Squads
* Airports
* Border Crossings
* Military Defense
* Seaports and Containerships
* Field or Forensic Use

The GSS3500 is ideal for:

* Nuclear Facilities
* Special Military Operations
* EOD/IEDD Technical groups
* Embassies or Consulates
* Courts of Law
* Postal Stations
* Corporate or VIP Headquarters
* Commercial
* Correctional facilities
* Federal buildings
* Border crossings and Airports
* Railway, Bus and Subway Terminals





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