GSS QuestCam
Ultimate Inspection Camera
The GSS "QuestCam"  is the most universal, practical modular Inspection & Search camera instrument available on today's market. It has been developed by experienced security professionals to aid global Search & Rescue teams, Customs, Exploration and Mining Industry and Military groups. It's incredible versatility allows it to be quickly deployed in all possible types of Search and Rescue missions conducted by  global Law Enforcement & Military rescue and search groups.  The complete kit comes with interchangeable, waterproof camera heads that can be swapped on the fly, depending on the circumstances and rescue conditions. The retractable telescopic camera pole can be expanded rapidly from 14 inches to up to 12 feet, and be ready for deployment within a few seconds.  The articulating waterproof camera head with LED lighting pinpoints the victims’ location so that rescuers can extract them. The built in two-way audio allows rescuers to communicate with the victim. Rescuers can record video and voice, as well as take still photos of the search.
* Light weight
* Ruggedly built for Industrial, SWAT and Military uses
* Easily & quickly deployable
* The camera works even in total darkness
* Records audio & video and takes photos
* Built in time & date stamp
* Built in Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with SD memory card
* Built in two way audio communication makes it ideal for inspection of collapsed building & other disaster situatio
* The 240 degree articulating camera with built in audio provides rescuers with the enhanced ability to see and   communicate with trapped victims.
* The QuestCam  records videos and takes photos which are saved to an SDHC card

* One standard QuestCam  unit with 12 ft expandable telescopic camera pole
* Built-in four (4") inches color high resolution day & night monitor with built in time & date stamp and it's 4 channel wireless video & audio transmitter, headphones and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with SD memory card.
* Built in - easily swappable rechargeable, high capacity industrial battery and 110/220 VAC universal charger.
* One (1) additional rechargeable battery for extended use.
* One (1) low light - swappable high resolution (540 lines) Sony X-view color CCD camera with built in high intensity IR lights for night illumination.
* Built in horizontal image stabilizer to keep the image always in stable horizontal position
* One (1) low light (0.001lux) - swappable high resolution Black & White CCD camera with built in high intensity IR lights to be deployed  in total darkness.
* One (1) 2.4GHz wireless 2.5" color monitor, with built in time & date stamp, motion detection DVR (SD card) and 4 channel audio/video receiver, complete with all accessories, headphones, AC charger  & USB cable for PC connections.
* One (1) 2.4GHz wireless 4 channel USB audio/video receiver to be hooked up to a PC or laptop for additional viewing or recording of events & incidents.
* Rugged padded transport & accessory case
* Instruction manuals & accessories

* Submersible in any type of liquid substance up to 100 ft (with cable attachment)
* Remotely operable via RF, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
* Under door night view camera attachment
* Headgear color monitor glasses

* All types of Search & Rescue operations
* Locating victims trapped in collapsed buildings or mines
* Police SWAT team operations
* Special Military Operations
* Border Control & Customs operations
* Railway Police Search operations
* Security & Money transport operations

* RoboCam RC probe
* FlexCam flexible probe
* MediCam medical probe
* SciCam scintific probe
* VortexCam Military probe
* SwatCam - Tactical probe
* SmartCam Intelligent probe
* EOD/IEDD DetectCam
* DiveCam under water probe
* SpaceCam NASA probe camera

Camera Colour, 1/4" CCD, 0.4 Lux, 540 lines, auto iris
Interchangeable Camera Heads YES
Probe Articulation YES - 240 degrees
Illumination 16 element white LED array with multiple levels
Display Monitor 4" diagonal, flat screen LCD active matrix
Auxiliary Output YES
Video Standard NTSC or PAL
Victim Communication Two way - located at the camera probe
Operator Headset YES
Modular design YES
System Length Telescopes from 14" to 12'
Probe Weight 8.8lbs (4 kg) including batteries
Camera Housing Diameter 1.85"
Minimum Access Diameter 1.85"
Articulation Travel 240° total - right to left
Viewing Distance 20' (6 m) total darkness
Type and Endurance Li- Ion Battery
Operational Temperatures 14° to 140° F (-10° to 60° C)
Recommended Storage Temp 0° - 80 ° F (4° - 26° C)
Water/Dust Water & Dust resistant
Type Transport case, water tight and dust proof
WPFC Water proof floating storage case available for extra cost
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