Video Surveillance 2
CCTV and Wireless Video Equipment
Micro-size, Maximum range, and rock solid stability. Here’s the very latest in high frequency microvideo transmitters. Featuring the latest in surface mount technology, digital phase lock loop receiver, external digital switches, new diversity receiver...
Remote Control Surveillance Platforms
Custom designed toolbox can turn any pick-up truck into a Remote Control Surveillance Post. Portable, transfers from vehicle-to-vehicle in minutes. Local or remote control of all functions. Heavy-duty construction, 14-gauge cold rolled steel. Universal sizes for full-size and mid-size...
Transportable Remote Control Surveillance Post
Turn any vehicle into a Remote Control Surveillance Post.
The APV Series is a 360-degree long-range covert video camera surveillance system designed for one of today's most common vehicles, the sport utility.The camera platform supports a full range of optics including...
RoboGuard Mobile Security Robot
By incorporating the very latest advances in Robotics and in Security Technology - RoboGuard is taking the entire Security Industry into a brand new “Futuristic” level. Only five feet and three inches in height, this “Security Masterpiece” is already...
  The Specops Stealth Micro Drone
The Specops canbe easily preprogrammed for that special undercover mission or remotely operated from the Central Headquarters or from any selected Special Operations platform. The dual on board camera capability gives more versatility in different operations, as it enables switching...
The Camcopter
A fully autonomous Aerial Vehicle System developed for a wide variety of civil and military applications. The system consists of the Aerial Vehicle and the Control Station with associated antennas and support equipment including an optional support vehicle...
Remote Control Spy Helicopter
A fully autonomous, operator controlled UAV mini helicopter that allows the operator without any helicopter piloting experience to move (fly) the copter via joystick - forward, backwards, sideways, vertical and perform a hover.  It provides a safe and reliable aerial platform for...
The Ranger Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV)
A miniature fixed-wing light weight aircraft, remotely controlled from the Ground Control Station.The UAV is equipped with a skid system which allows landing on unprepared grass strips or snow. A wheeled version is also available. The system is designed...
GSS UAV Technologies
Unmanned aircraft are becoming an increasingly important part of today's defence strategies; helping military personnel respond to a greater demand for improved surveillance and attack operations. These sophisticated unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) offer enhanced...
Remote Surveillance Post on the Fly
A fully equipped ballistic container houses a state of the art surveillance and security system designed to interface with other intelligent gathering systems to provide ‘over the horizon’ links back to base with a local reporting capability. The 1st compartment is a maintenance and storage area for up to twenty...
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