Counter Surveillance 2
The GSS-PRO7000 Professional Digital RF Sweeper
is the latest version of our highly sophisticated Pocket Bug Detectors. It features the very latest digital technology and is particularly suited to locating hidden devices such as GPS trackers, GSM (mobile phone) based bugging devices such as 'ghost' phones as well as other conventional bugging.....
Full Spectrum Analyzer & Bug Sweeper
A compact Professional  multifunctional, digital Counter Surveillance Probe and  search instrument that is intended to detect and locate all types of wireless eavesdropping devices used for data acquisition.  It will automatically reveal natural and artificially created information leakage channels, as well...
Ultimate Combined Electronic Search System
A revolution in electronic search equipment designed to rapidly and efficiently detect, identify and locate all types of surveillance devices (bugs). Four tried and tested detection methods, namely, a harmonic receiver, a broadband receiver, a non-linear junction detector and a metal detector are...
GSS Audio Recorder Jammer & Nullifier
Uses Military technology that prevents unauthorized recording of your conversations with audio cassette recorders or digital audio recorders. The jammer silently suppresses the operation of the recorders by radiating digital noise interference and turns all recordings into white...
Combined Radio Frequency and Non Linear Junction Detector Kit
Designed to detect transmitters whether they are alive or dead. Often time is limited when conductinga TSCM search and as such the kit allows for the rapid detection of all bugs that aretransmitting followed by a more time consuming search of bugs that are not. The kit includes the....
Dual Band Cellular Jammer
The Dual Band Cellular Jammer and Electronic Counter Measures Unit is built in compliance with the latest Military specifications. Utilizing the latest in Communication Jamming technology the adjustable output power of the system enables authorized users to effectively block...
ECR-3 Countermeasures Receiver
A combined spectrum analyzer accuracy with simple operation in the ECR-3 Countermeasures Receiver. Capable of detecting even the lowest power eavesdropping transmitters as well as exotic modulation techniques and powerline transmitters, the ECR-3 has been designed for...
ECR-3 SmartScan System
This system marries computer control with RF spectrum analyzer sensitivity and accuracy. It is the first computer controlled spectrum analyzer based receiver implemented for TSCM purposes. It enables you to run the ECR-3 Countermeasures Receiver from a notebook computer...
NEW Dual Frequency Non Linear Junction Detector
indispensable tool for quick and reliable detection of devices containing semiconductor components and electronic circuits. It can be used for counter-surveilance search works in premises (covert transmitters identification), as well as for indoor & outdoor  location of explosive devices. It is capable of ...
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