Explosive, Contraband & Narcotics Detection 2
New Advanced Narcotics Detector
The most reliable detection device used for combating drug trafficking and enforcing the law. Simply wipe of a surface of the targeted item or object and let the detector do the rest. It is capable of detecting minimal traces of all types of Narcotics substances and illicit chemical stimulants including....
  Portable Explosives Detector
The world's first and most recognized portable explosives trace detector that uses the latest unique Luminal Chemiluminescence technology. It is the only portable device capable of detecting the presence of all threat explosives, including liquid and all types of home made explosives, ICAO tangents...
  Ultimate Explosives & Narcotics Detector
Positively identifies the presence of explosives and narcotics within  seconds. Built for performance in the harshest environments, it uses superior ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) technology to detect microscopic amounts of volatile compounds, and delivers extremely fast, accurate...
Ultimate Explosive & Dirty Bomb Detector (UEDD)
A highly sensitive, portable, multi- functional explosives detector and analytical system offering optimal power & flexibility for fast, reliable detection and positive identification of all types of explosive substances with extremely low false alarm rate. It offers super fast and reliable detection of...
Best Portable Explosive Detector
Compact, lightweight, highly portable, multi-lingual, hand-held device for detecting trace levels of all types of explosive substances. The Seeker XDU technology allows users to quickly identify the presence of specific explosives through the use of cutting edge diagnostic swipe and...
Mini Pocket Explosives Detector
After years of extensive RND, we are proud to introduce the very best NEW
The smallest (pocket size), the fastest, the most sensitive (down to nanogram level), the lightest (half a kg), the most robust & reliable, the easiest to operate, the most affordable. Detects "ALL" type of explosives...
  Handheld Explosives & Flammable Liquids Detector
Used for inspection of liquids within containers, such as plastic and glass bottles, carton packages and other non-metallic vessels. It can be used by Aviation Security Services, Law Enforcement Agencies and Control Authorities in airports, at checkpoints and in crowded places...
Desktop Explosives & Narcotics Detector 
a dual technology system that uses Gas Chromatograph and Ion Mobility Spectrometry to significantly improve performance compared to a single IMS device. It is designed to deliver fast and reliable results in a high throughput environment where accurate information is critical.
  Portable Digital X-Ray Scanner
A multiple application portable x-ray viewing system used by police, military, EOD, customs, law enforcement agencies, prisons and building security managers. Search and examine suspect items on the spot portable and easy to set up and use in 2 minutes...
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