Portable Digital X-Ray System
The latest and only fully-digital x-ray inspection system available to Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) professionals, providing the ability to quickly and efficiently search for weapons, drugs, and contraband in areas too difficult or time-consuming to search by hand...
  Hand-Held Metal Detectors
We have a complete range of lightweight handheld metal detectors suitable for tough environments and constant use. Our detectors can find both ferrous and non ferrous metal and are available with increasing levels of sensitivity and both audio and visual alarms...
Contraband Search Kit 
The Contraband Detector (with density detector and endoscopes) can positively detect concealed drugs, explosives, weapons, currency and much more.  It is a fast effective way of detecting contraband concealed in objects such as containers, tires, car doors, fuel tanks...
Contraband Detector
Provides "x-ray vision" for law enforcement professionals enabling detection of contraband hidden within areas such as automobile tires, doors, fenders, bumpers, fuel tanks, as well as aircraft structures, boat hulls and building walls. Used to detect concealed objects and materials including...
Non-Linear Junction Detector
For detecting the electronic circuits commonly found in improvised explosive devices and radio transmitters.Most sophisticated electronic circuits contain semi-conductors which are non-linear junctions. The detector can find these by emitting a very high frequency signal...
Surface Penetrating Radar
The SPRscan Surface Penetrating Radar is a revolutionary high performance system designed for detecting virtually any object concealed under the ground or behind walls. The equipment is completely weatherproof and can operate in virtually any type...
EOD Magnometer - Explosive Ordnance Locator
Developed for bomb disposal purposes and particularly for locating ferromagnetic explosives in the earth or at the bottom of inshore waters. Also used for borehole detection work in cases where bombs have to be located at great depths or in severely disturbed search environments...
Large EOD Magnetic Field Detector
This Large Loop Technology is a trend setting development in the field of battle area clearance and EOD. As easy to use as a conventional mine detector. Detection signals are easy to interpret and no advanced training is required for the operators. Can be adjusted to various types of...
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