Chemical Warfare Detection Kit
This is the most accurate, easy to use Chemical Warfare Detection Kit available on the market. It has the ability to detect and identify quickly and easily wide range of Chemical Warfare Agents. Simple enough to be used even by a Novice Emergency Responder. Features...
  Portable Chemical Agents Detector
This portable chemical contamination control device used to detect chemical agents G (GA, GB, GD, GF,), VX and HD in the form of vapor or aerosols. The Detector is particularly suitable for military use in rough conditions: fast turn on, immediate identification and measurement...
Portable Multi-purpose Radiation Meter
A portable gamma meter designed for measuring wide range gamma radiation fields. Measurements are recorded by an internal detector containing two energy compensated GM tubes, and two external probes. Can be used with optional accessories like bar-code laser scanner...
  Personal Electronic Nuke Detector
a quantum leap in electronic dosimeter technology.It features flat energy response to X-rays and gamma fields from 60 KeV to 6 MeV and linear response to dose rate fields of one mR/hr to 1000 R/hr. The unit's top mounted LCD clearly displays either the accumulated dose...
  Ultimate Disaster Shelters & Escape Platforms
the perfect solution for achieving the peace of mind that comes from being prepared for the very worst case scenario. Whether it is a natural disaster like flooding, fire, earthquake, hurricanes or tornadoes or Nuclear fallout, Bioterrorism, Chemical warfare, Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attacks...
  EMP/EMI/EMR Shielding
Faraday box is a special shielded metal box, room or a building designed to divert and soak up the EMP radiation before it can cause a permanent damage. It provides more protection to electrical components than "hardening" through special circuit designs. Our proprietary Coppe...
Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical Warfare Detection 2
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