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The MWS is a handheld, image-free, battery-powered, passive millimeter wave people screening device that detects both metallic and non-metallic objects. It is also an alternative to physical pat-downs by providing a high-level of object detection without making any contact with the person's body. All surfaces of a person can be scanned without contact-including the hair, top of head, chest, arms, sides, groin area, legs, and ankles.

As it captures no images, the  MWS alerts the operator to a potential detection through lights (LEDs), as well as sound or vibration, depending on the mode selected. It only requires one operator, minimal training, and is easy to use. Now with the MWS, security personnel can easily detect concealed items while protecting the safety and privacy of the people being screened.


·Power Supply: 100-240 VAC external charger supplies 12V DC, 20W max
Charger has the following interchangeable plugs:
United States, European, United Kingdom, and Australia/New Zealand
·Detector Millimeter Wave Frequency: 100 to 200 GHz (90 GHz center frequency, 20 GHz bandwidth)
·Operating Temperature: 0°C to 46°C (32°F to 115°F)
·Storage Temperature: -7șC to +49șC (19°F to 120°F)
·Operating Environment: For Indoor use only
·Dimensions: 467 x 90 x 72 mm (18.38 x 3.54 x 2.83 in)
·Weight: 680 g (23.6 oz.)
·Numbers of Sensors: 7 radiometric Millimeter Wave (MMW) sensors
·Battery: Lithium ion 3.7 volt internal battery pack, 5800 mAh
·Battery Life: Up to 16 hours


·Power Button: Powers MWS, on and off. Illuminates green/yellow/red to indicate charging and battery   status.
·Mode Button: Cycles through alert modes and volume levels for audible alert.
·Zero: Zeros the MWS. Flashes yellow to indicate when unit is ready to be zeroed (to equalize the sensors).
·Alert Indicator LEDs (2): Illuminate red when the MMW sensors detect an object.
·Sensor Indicator LEDs (7): Synched with the 7 MMW sensors to indicate the locality of the detected object. Each LED illuminates blue when the related sensor detects an object.

Features & Benefits:

·Physical security checkpoints
·Flexible deployment options

Detects all type of metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) -  Ceramics, Powders, Explosives, Currency, drugs, media and electronics, Non metals, plastics, liquid & gells

Ease of Use
·Web-based training
·User guide booklet
·Simplified controls and indicators
Automatic threat detection

Cost Effective
- No regular maintenance needed
- 100% portable, battery operated
- Extended use and durability

Hand Held Millimeter Wave Scanner
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