High Security Encryption for Blackberries,
Mobile Devices & Personal Computers
Now we can provide easy to use U.S. government grade encryption and authentication for mobile devices and personal computers. Our unique features deliver the highest level of security for voice, chat and file communications today. You no longer need to be concerned about an intruder recording your voice, your conference calls, your intercom, watching your internet messaging (IM), or capturing your private file transfers.
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This new version can optionally run on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 and installs on a removable memory device (flash drive). This provides additional two-factor authentication via the flash drive and portability as the security remains on the flash drive and not on the PC. We can provide various secure flash drive devices that can be used with this variation of the software. Once installed on a removable memory device, this version may only be run from that device. PC versions of the software can communicate with any Smartphone that also has an enabled  license. Mobile versions support Blackberry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile phones.

Now you can communicate securely from mobile to mobile as well as Mobile to PC


- AES 256 bit encryption.
- Secure voice, chat, and file transfer.
- Symmetric Authentication - each encryption key is unique.
- Encryption key management facility.
- Automatically answer voice call or receive chat encrypted.
- Rogue microphone and speaker detection.
- Auto-Hold encrypted call to answer the standard, native telephone on the device.
- SIP presence - know who in your address book is online.
- Stealth Mode - hide yourself from SIP presence.
- Autokey - single click one time key generated during a voice or conference call.
- On-the-fly switching of encryption keys in both voice and chat.
- Each key can be configured by the user to have a life span associated with it: (1) One time use; (2) - Start date/time to end date/time; (3) Unlimited time period.
- Utilize different keys in a voice call/conference, chat 1, chat 2, and file transfer simultaneously.
- Encrypted or normal conferencing up to 10 members of your address book with a simple click n
- Low bandwidth utilization - less than a normal telephone call.
- Address book for an unlimited number of users.
- Automated account registration at program initiation.
- Conference Management: (1) Mute conference attendee; (2) Place conference attendee on hold;
  (3) Mute conference attendee; (4) Incrementally add a conference attendee; (5) Private chat to
  conference attendee(s).
- Supports multiple SIP accounts.
- Automated program update at program initiation.
- Configure start-up page mode.
- Login authentication.
- Save chat sessions.
- Strong password configuration.
- Microphone mute.
- Do Not Disturb.
- Context sensitive help.
- Codecs Supported: (1) G.711 family codec (PCMA, PCMU); (2) Speex/8000/16000/32000 (3) GSM.
- PC versions supported: Windows 2000, XP or Vista and Windows 7
- Secure private server & turnkey installation available for qualified organizations


Privacy - your voice, chat & file transfers are encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption.
- Encrypted Conferencing - conferencing of voice and chat is integrated into myKryptofon.
- Encrypted File Transfer - uniquely encrypted file transfer in real-time eliminates overnight shipping
  or complex and expensive encrypted email.
- Easy to Use Encryption - simply create a key and send it to any member in your contacts list.
- Instantaneous Encrypted Communications - answer calls or chat messages automatically
- Force Encrypted Communications - configurable to only allow encrypted calls or chats.
- Authentication - each key has its own authentication password.
- Centralized Destruction/Disablement Feature - provides C2 the ability to interrupt or disable the
  device remotely.
- Anti-Spyware - detect usage of microphone by other applications, disabling the microphone and
  speaker of the encrypted call.
- Secured Call / Standard, Native Phone Call Switching: While in a secure call, answer a standard,
  native call placing the secured call on hold, allowing for a return to the secure call when the
  standard call ends.
- Easy to Use Authentication - choose secure mode and simply make/answer your call or chat.
- Ubitquous - operates multi-device, multi-carrier, multi-network.
- Mobility - implemented on Windows Mobile and BlackBerry platforms.
- Multiple Networks - utilizes wired, wireless (WiFi) and cellular data networks.
- Reconnect / Self Healing - automatically reconnect to the SIP services if data signal quality decays.
- Real-time Switching of Multiple Keys - utilize different keys for different purposes, switching
  between them as needed, live, while in the middle of the call or chat session.
- Auto Encryption - rapid single use key generation and distribution to people in your call or
  conference with the simple click of a button.
- Cost Savings - it operates without the need for expensive Public/Private Key Infrastructure or other
   authentication mechanisms.
- Fool-proof - your encryption key cannot be compromised since it is never part of the voice or chat