MegaRay Military Search Light
The Ultimate Search Light; 17000 Lumens, illuminates over 3,5km!
The MEGARAY is a fully portable ultra high intensity spotlight classified as a Super Light because of its exceptional ability to illuminate well beyond the performance of any other hand held light available on the market. The system provides exceptionally long distance illumination sufficient to read the small print of a newspaper at 1.2 km, while the unit is compact and lightweight enough for hand portable operation. The MEGARAY utilizes a unique lens system to collimate and focus its intense light beam, generated by a short-arc Xenon light source. The technology provides a light beam with super bright crisp clear illumination characteristics that make the system suitable for a wide range of applications. Covering a distance of over 3km it is used world wide by military and coastal guards, border patrol, law enforcement agencies and their SWAT teams. Rugged and dependable, it can operate under a range of weather conditions-from extreme cold to desert heat. It can be used in conjunction with night vision equipment and clip on infrared filters to extend its capability. Illumination tasks undertaken with the MEGARAY include, but are not limited to:

- General battlefield illumination
- Sniper suppression
- Obstacle illumination
- Crowd control
- Covert illumination for EO sensors
- Search and rescue
- Minefield detection
- Force multiplier

* high and normal beam settings
* special strobe light effect immobilizer
* Collimated light beam with uniform field of illumination
* Power supply operates from 12 to 30 VDC
* adjustable beam divergence
* Reverse polarity protection
* Low frequency strobe (8HZ)
* Over-temperature protection
* Light weight and user-friendly
* Rechargeable lithium polymer battery

- Size:- Length(flood mode) 410mm - Length(spot mode) 500 mm - Height 300mm -
- Diameter (top of body) 104 mm
- Weight:- Light Unit 3400g Battery Pack 2500g
- Battery Type / Qty :- 1off Custom Saphion 285 watt hours 19.2 V (Ultra Safe Lithium Phosphate
- Battery Life :- 1 Hour on High Power 1.25 Hours on Reduced Power Mode
- Recharge Time:- 2.5 Hours
- Light source :- 175W Short Arc Xenon
- Rated Output:-  Over 7500000 Candela Peak Intensity (Estimated)
- Estimated Bulb Lifespan:- Over 1000 Hours
- Color:- Super white
- Color temperature:- 5600 Deg Kelvin
- Beam Divergence:- Spot mode 2 - Flood mode 6
- Lens Material :- Ultra high quality optical ground glass lenses
- Electronics:- 12 to 30 VDC, 190 Watt max. - EMI/RFI conforms to CISPR22A when powered from
   a 24 V battery pack (CE Compliant) Switched mode power supply, Cooling Fan & Thermal Cutout.
- Body Material :- High grade Injection molded Polymer plastic or similar with metal fixtures for strap
    mountings, telescopic sight or night vision equipment.
- Options:- Additional battery pack modules, Vehicle battery power leads, Optional 2.87 Kwh
- Vehicle mounted power source, IR lens filters, wide beam lens.
The MEGARAY can be a very effective offensive and defensive weapon in the hands of Military, SWAT or Special Operations groups.

Global Security Solutions is exclusive distributor of all MEGARAY products for Canada, Middle East, Mexico and Colombia.

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