Millimeter Wave Walk Through Scanner
This advanced Millimeter Wave Walk Trough Scanner uses passive millimeter wave technology to detect a broad range of concealed objects, such as liquids, explosives, weapons, drugs or cash. Unlike standard millimeter wave technology, passive millimeter wave allows to perform full body scanning at airport checkpoints without emitting any radiation or energy, making the systems safe for travelers.


·No privacy issues - does not reveal private body parts
·No safety concerns - Radiation free
·Safe for children, expectant mothers & individuals with health conditions
·Automated detection
·Easy integration
·Quick throughput
·Small footprint
·Fast & Easy to deploy
·Require minimal training
·Has no consumable parts
·Less maintenance required

The  advanced Millimeter Wave Walk Trough Scanner is a compact, fully integrated security screening checkpoint. It passively detects concealed objects under a person’s clothing without emitting any radiation or energy - it is completely safe. The system detects threats and contraband without displaying any personal anatomy and does not violate personal privacy. A small footprint, paired with its easy integration into any existing checkpoint, makes it an excellent choice for primary screening applications. The automated detection boxes assist the operator and reduce training required. The image displayed does not reveal any anatomical details. You cannot tell if the subject is male or female. Privacy is protected while safely and effectively detecting potential threats and contraband.
The  Millimeter Wave Walk Trough Scanner solutions require minimal training, have no consumable parts and demand less scheduled maintenance.


Imaging Capabilities:
Metals, plastics, ceramics, composites, glass, liquids, gels, explosives, weapons, narcotics, currency, tobacco goods, and wood - including materials commonly used to construct weapons and
explosive devices.

System Resolution:
Approximately 3 cm x 3 cm (1.2 in x 1.2 in)

Fully-integrated on-board computer:
Pentium®-based processor enables stand-alone operation without external PC connection. Microsoft WindowsXP™ Operating System integrates with local area networks for remote viewing and control via Brijot Application Software and APIs.

Imaging Speed:
MMW radiometer 8 frames per second (FPS)

Detection Engine Indications:
Objects that are colder than the surface temperature of the subject will have a blue detection box around the object. Objects that are hotter than the surface temperature of the subject will have a magenta
detection box around the object. These colors are the defaults and may be changed by the administrator. Window frame will change to red for large objects and to orange for all other detections.


Power Supply: 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 220 W typical
Detector Millimeter Wave Frequency: 80 to 100 GHz (90 GHz center
frequency, 20 GHz bandwidth)
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 32°C (32°F to 90°F)
Operating Humidity: 10 to 80% RH condensing
Dimensions (H x W x D): 213 cm x 183 cm x 137 cm (84 in x 72 in x 54 in)
Weight: Net: approximately 544 kg (1200 lbs)


Monitor Output: 19 in monitor on articulating arm
Control, Setup, and Monitoring: 10/100 Ethernet, RJ45
Peripheral Interface: Two USB 2.0; two IEEE 1394a (FireWire)
Keyboard/Mouse: Combined PS/2-type mini-DIN connector
Discrete I/O: 10 Position Phoenix™ connector; three user-defined outputs
(dry contact Form C relay) and two user-defined inputs (opto-isolated)
Audio: One 3.5 mm jack for LINE OUT; one 3.5 mm jack for MIC IN
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