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Mini Pocket Explosives Detector
After years of extensive RND, we are proud to introduce the very best NEW Mini Explosive 
Detector that is available on the market.


the smallest (pocket size)
the fastest
the most sensitive (down to nanogram level)
the lightest ( half a kg)
the most robust & reliable
the easiest to operate
the most affordable

Sampling & Detection:

Semi - Selective Infrared continuous vapor mode with instant reading
Particulat Mode using sampling strips or instant reading mode
Color display with graphic & numeric  bargraph
Audible and flashing red visual alarm
Easy one button operation
No "sampling-analysis" intervals required, instrument works in continuous reading mode
Internal flash cartridge good for up to 6000 measurements

Detection Parameters:

Detects "ALL" type of explosives including "home made" down to nanogram level
Excellent detection of all non-volatile explosives in Semi-Selective continuous mode
Analysis time: about one second
Extremely resistant to interfering chemicals and organic compounds, parfumes, etc...
Excellent false alarm rate


Typically within few seconds even after high exposure
Minimum Start-up and Warm-up time

Cold Start:

typically 5-18 seconds


Built in WiFi module for full remote control / data download / factory service / optional
It works full day on one battery charge
Rugged fully water resistant outer enclosure
Easily swapable battery, additional battery optional
Using the latest advanced LiPol Military light weight, high capacity  battery
Robust belt holster for comfortable all day wearing ( similar size to gun holster)
Extremely robust Military light weight carying case with all accessories


without batteries: 0.400 kg
with batteries: 0.685 kg


Length: 249mm
Hight: 48 - 55mm
Width: 65mm


Extremely user friendly and easy to operate - no special training required to operate
All operational parameters configurable from PC or Laptop - Password protected
PC or Laptop connection via WiFi, USB, RS232
Android mobile platform compatible via WiFi

Remote Control:

All functions can be controlled by PC/ Android remote control software via WiFi, USB, RS232
or Internet via TCP/IP protocol.
Android mobile platform remote control via WiFi
Ideal for robotic applications & rapid deployment assignments
Quick remote data download & easy configuration

Factory remote analysis, service diagnostic & calibration:

Available 24/7/365 via Internet WiFi or cable network connection
Capable to conduct minor repairs & resolve problems remotely

Power supply:

One LiPol Military Battery pack ( optional second Battery pack available)
Automatic 110-250AC solid state battery charger
Optional 12DC Car adapter available

Affordable consumables:

Internal flash cartridge good for up to 6000 tests
Aproprietary RSD Sampling strips


Harmless on enviroment, no radioactive source being used
No toxic materials are being used inside the unit including the battery
Product fully recyclable




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