Counter Terrorism
  Pocket Laser Canon
the very latest latest of the non lethal weapons that is used to combat the increasing numbers of sea pirates all around the globe. It can target unidentified vessels from more then a mile away and if the pirates continued to approach, the beam's  intensity would disorient and temporarily blind them...
  Anti Terrorism Force Protection - Long Range Acoustic Device
the prescription for remotely controlled security, enabling system operators to detect and communicate with an intruder over long distances. Featuring an integrated camera, high-intensity searchlight (optional) and our own robust, IP-addressable full pan and tilt drive for precise aiming...
  GSS Pro-A GSM Intercept and Tracking System (restricted)
the very best GSM Cellular Interceptor off-air system available in the world today. It has features never before seen in any passive intercept system. It is a completely STEALTH - invisible and non-detectable, high performance and upgradeable, multi-channel GSM Cellular Intercept...
CDMA Passive Interceptor (restricted)
monitoring system that intercepts voice traffic in cellular CDMA networks. No cooperation with the network operator is needed. In fact, from the service provider’s point of view, the Interceptor is totally undetectable and its operation is completely transparent. The system will work in all cdmaOne and...
  NEXTEL Mobile Interceptor System (restricted)
This advanced multi format system is made in US for the Military and Law Enforcement Forces to combat global terrorism and crime. It is highly restricted and protected product that can be sold only to clients approved by the US State Department....
  Fully Passive GSM Interceptor (restricted)
Fast and reliable interception of Encrypted GSM traffic. Maximum accuracy, sensitivity and flexibility. Totally invisible to network operator. Support for all frequency bands-850/900/1800/1900. User-friendly operation. Supports vehicle-based usage. Deciphers real time A5/1 & A5/2  encryption protocol...
  GSS Semi-Passive Tactical GSM Interceptor (restricted)
Multi-Layer-Application (MLA) tactical Semi Passive system that interrogates and identifies any GSM mobile handset from the air. It identifies and when relevant captures the mobile handset in a virtual network that allows the operator to perform complicated and enhanced manipulations and...
  WiFi Intercept System (restricted)
provides to Law Enforcement and Government Agencies a tactical solution, an advanced field monitoring system that enables independent data interception of Wi-Fi communications. The system intercepts the wireless signals and captures target data. Wi-Fi Interceptor supports an integrated WEP key...
  Complete Intelligence Gathering Solutions - Mass Monitoring (restricted)
The MASS interception system provides mass and target interception, filtering and analysis functionality to Government Agencies, such as Intelligence Organizations, National Security Agencies and SIGNIT units. MASS delivers sophisticated technology for selectively collecting maximum communication...
  Cell Phone Memory Buster (restricted)
Developed in cooperation with Forensic Science Service (FSS®), the Cell phone Memory Buster (CMB) is designed for the technically experienced forensic investigator who requires a comprehensive, compact and portable data extraction hardware solution for mobile devices.
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