Counter Terrorism 2
  Perceptrak Behavior Analyzer
Built around the premise that if there is nothing of interest to observe, people stop observing. Humans stop processing what is already known, therefore Perceptrak selectively shows you only what you need to know, analyzes, detects and reports only noteworthy or suspicious behavior...
  Digital Video Motion Guard
A revolutionary new Detection System that analyzes, detects and records all movements and background changes in the picture scene of a CCTV camera. Even changes as small as 3 pixels could trigger an alarm and log the event. Analyzing both foreground and background...
  Document Scanner
Provides a non-intrusive technique for screening people, particularly individuals entering a facility or passengers boarding an aircraft. People routinely handle their identification cards, boarding passes, or other documents, transferring any narcotics or explosives residue from their...
  Accurate Truth Analyzer
Unlike the computer polygraph, the CVSA requires no wires be attached to the subject being tested. The CVSA uses only a microphone plugged into the computer to analyze the subject's responses. As the subject speaks, the computer displays each voice pattern, numbers it and saves...
  Dual Band Cellular Jammer
The Dual Band Cellular Jammer and Electronic Counter Measures Unit is built in compliance with the latest Military specifications. Utilizing the latest in Communication Jamming technology the adjustable output power of the system enables authorized users to effectively block...
  StarNet Security Monitoring Control System
A Windows based Security monitoring and Control System which was designed to facilitate high level interfaces to CCTV switchers, digital recorders, access control Biometrics Systems and third-party Networks. StarNet can greatly increase the efficiency...
  RoboGuard Mobile Security Robot
By incorporating the very latest advances in Robotics and in Security Technology, the RoboGuard is taking the entire Security Industry into a brand new “Futuristic” level. Only five feet and three inches in height, this “Security Masterpiece” is already taking over the leadership in the...
  CarSafe System
A dual role device for detection of possible magnetically attached I.E.D "planted" on a vehicle underbody, and as a function of advanced vehicle intruder alarm. The driver or keeper of the vehicle is given visual warning of a possible attached device or that the doors, bonnet or boot have...
Road Warrior Spike System
Provides law enforcement officials with the ability to stop a high-speed chase swiftly and safely, thereby protecting offenders, officers, and innocent bystanders alike. Even semi-trucks are no match for this incredible tool. The only engineered system on the market to safely...
The Terrorist Buster
Incorporates several different technologies and it will be able to observe, scan - recognize and positively identify stress, hidden body objects made from plastic or metal (razor blade, flat pick, knives, plastic guns, glass vials, etc.) By using our Exclusive, Biometrics...
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