Securing Installations, Borders & Buildings
Mail Search & Security
  Document Scanner
Provides a non-intrusive technique for screening people, particularly individuals entering a facility or passengers boarding an aircraft. People routinely handle their identification cards, boarding passes, or other documents, transferring any narcotics or explosives residue from their...
  Letter Bomb Detector &  Mail Scanner      
A compact desk-top electronic mail scanner for letters and small packages. It will automatically find letter bombs and other suspect items of mail while reliably ignoring office clutter such as paperclips and staples. Over 10,000 units used in government, police, high security locations and corporate...
  Desk-Top Postal X-Ray Scanner
A small cabinet x-ray postal scanner / bomb detector for letters and small packages. Its compact size allows it to sit on a standard table-top or under a desk or mailroom bench and makes it ideal for locations where space is limited. Monitor can sit on top of unit, on top of desk or be remotely...
  Parcel X-Ray Scanner
A large capacity cabinet x-ray postal scanner for bundles of letters, courier deliveries, parcels and handbags. It is a freestanding unit combining a large screening chamber with a compact physical size. Black and white or color models available. Images are stored on screen until the next x-ray...
  GSS Large Capacity Scanner
The Large Capacity Scanner is a heavy duty scanner with a tunnel opening of 39.4 in x 39.4 in (1000 x 1000 mm) designed for high-volume screening of cargo and large checked luggage, parcels, crates and pallets. It is the ideal solution for aviation facilities, government agencies, cargo and parcel...
  Secrecy Guard Paper Shredders
All these machines benefit from a solid wooden cabinet and four fitted castors, allowing for them to be moved around easily. When the waste bag is full, the motor cuts out automatically and the electronic-controlled shredders even change to automatic reverse...
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