Seaport Security
Cargo Security & Customs Control
  Contraband Search Kit
The contraband detector provides a rapid means of detecting any hidden material. It senses differences in material thickness or density by sending a beam of Gamma rays through the surface being inspected and measuring the backscatter. A filled space reflects more energy than an...
  Portable Digital X-Ray Scanner
A multiple application portable x-ray viewing system used by police, military, EOD, customs, law enforcement agencies, prisons and building security managers. Search and examine suspect items on the spot. Portable and easy to set up and use in 2 minutes. Works with most portable...
  Infrared Telescopic Camera
A compact and portable infrared video system for searching buildings, ships and vehicles and suitable for use by police, customs officers and security forces. The camera head, incorporating a powerful covert infrared light source, is mounted on a light weight telescopic arm that can...
  Contraband Detector
Provides "x-ray vision" for law enforcement professionals enabling detection of contraband hidden within areas such as automobile tires, doors, fenders, bumpers, fuel tanks, as well as aircraft structures, boat hulls and building walls. Used to detect concealed objects and materials including weapons...
  Cargo Inspection Systems
We are proud to introduce the latest Cargo Inspections Systems designed and manufactured for various Law Enforcement Departments. We are one of the world’s leading suppliers of cargo X-ray security screening systems. We have provided security...
  StarNet Security Monitoring Control System
A Windows based Security monitoring and Control System which was designed to facilitate high level interfaces to CCTV switchers, digital recorders, access control Biometrics Systems and third-party Networks. StarNet can greatly increase the efficiency of any security system …
  Digital Video Motion Guard
A revolutionary new Detection System that analyzes, detects and records all movements and background changes in the picture scene of a CCTV camera. Even changes as small as 3 pixels could trigger an alarm and log the event. Analyzing both foreground and background...
  Perceptrak Behavior Analyzer
Built around the premise that if there is nothing of interest to observe, people stop observing. Humans stop processing what is already known, therefore Perceptrak selectively shows you only what you need to know, analyzes, detects and reports only noteworthy or suspicious behavior...
  RoboGuard Mobile Security Robot
By incorporating the very latest advances in Robotics and in security technology, the RoboGuard is taking the entire Security Industry into a brand new “Futuristic” level. Only five feet and three inches in height, this “Security Masterpiece” is already taking over the leadership in the...
  The Terrorist Buster
Incorporates several different technologies and it will be able to observe, scan - recognize and positively identify stress, hidden body objects made from plastic or metal (razor blade, flat pick, knives, plastic guns, glass vials, etc.) By using our Exclusive, Biometrics Face Analyzer…
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