New Advanced Narcotics Detector
The NEW AND Advanced Narcotics Detector is the most reliable detection device used for combating drug trafficking and enforcing the law. Simply wipe of a surface of the targeted item or object and let the detector do the rest. It is capable of detecting minimal traces of all types of Narcotics substances and illicit chemical stimulants including amphetamine, ecstasy and methamphetamine. Used successfully by  Global Anti Narcotics Enforcement Agencies against drug traffickers and resellers.

If portability, ease of use, reliability and cost-effective operation are critical, then the NEW Advanced Narcotics Detector is the answer.

A sample is obtained from a suspected article using a cotton glove.  The sample is then transferred to a screen which is inserted into the sampling port. The AND then processes the sample immediately and provides a detailed analysis in seconds.  All results are indicated on the LCD graphic display and a volume adjustable audio alarm making detection a simple single-step process

Self-contained, lightweight and comes in a fully equipped, rugged carrying case that is field ready.

Easy to use
Simple push-button automatic sampling with go/no go readouts displayed with an easy-to-read LCD.  Ideal for nontechnical personnel.

Better Value
Cost effective choice with low maintenance and consumable costs

Flexible Power Sources
It comes with a choice of 12 volt DC rechargeable battery pack, AC/DC
convertor and vehicle adapter power options.  Convenient for use in a variety of field conditions.

Sensitive and Selective
Can detect minute traces of cocaine, opiates (heroin and morphine), cannabis (marijuana and hashish) and amphetamine-type stimulants
(methamphetamine), making it a valuable partner in critical narcotics
detection scenarios.

No Radioactive Source
Operates without a radioactive source. Eliminates operator, environmental
and regulatory concerns.

Fast Cleanout and Recovery after Overloads and Hits
Easily Processes Dirty Street Drugs

Typical Users and Installations
·Police and Law Enforcement
·Security Forces
·Correctional Institutions
·Customs and Border Control
·Aviation and Marine Carriers
·Postal and Courier Services
·Private Industry
·Military groups

Technical Specifications

DETECTION PRINCIPLE: Gas chromatography/surface ionization detection.

RADIOACTIVITY:    No radioactive source, no licensing required

DETECTABLE COMPOUNDS: Cocaine, Opiates (heroin and morphine) Cannabis (marijuana and hashish) Amphetamines (ecstasy/MDMA and methamphetamine)



ANALYSIS TIME:   <40 seconds

WARM UP TIME:   <20 minutes

CARRIER GAS:   None required (ambient air)

CONTROLS:   Power switch -Keypad-Volume control - Automatic sample switch.

OPERATIONAL STATUS  LED: (light emitting diode) indicators
Color LCD (liquid crystal display) with graphical display-Audio alarm

DATA STORAGE:  254 retrievable data records

COMMUNICATIONS:  RS-232 serial output port for remote control and monitoring

POWER SUPPLY:  12 volt DC rechargeable battery pack 12 volt AC adapter 100-240V. Vehicle power adapter cable (cigarette lighter)

OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -5°C to +55°C (+23°F to +131°F

STORAGE TEMPERATURE:  -5°C to +65°C (+23°F to +149°F)

WEIGHT:   2.95 kilos (6.50 pounds) no battery 5.23 kilos (11.53 pounds) including battery.

DIMENSIONS: (LxWxH) 51x12.5x14 cm (20x5x5.5 inches)   

SHIPPING WEIGHT:  23 kilos (51 pounds)

SHIPPING DIMENSIONS: (LxWxH) 79x52x29 cm (31x20.4x11.4 inches)

WARRANTY:  One year

Technical specification subject to change without any notice

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