Perceptrak Behavior Analyzer
INTRODUCING:  The World’s first, Intelligent Video Surveillance System;

Perceptrak is built around the premise that if there is nothing of interest to observe, people stop observing. Humans stop processing what is already known, therefore Perceptrak selectively shows you only what you need to know, analyzes, detects and reports only noteworthy - suspicious behavior and activity, creating an Intelligent Video Surveillance System.

Main characteristics:

Real Time Tracking & Analysis; 64 targets can be simultaneously tracked, per camera and their activities & behavior analyzed over 4 user configurable periods.
Suspicious Event Detection; when suspicious activity is detected, warning message is sent to security personnel, displaying live image & describing the nature of the suspicious behavior and activity.
Target recognition & Object selective recording;
Perceptrak only records and reports suspicious activity or behaviors, eliminating unnecessary video footage, and permits a single guard to effectively monitor 100s of cameras at ease.
Administrative Event Logging;
Perceptrak also records date, time, camera and event message for easy historical information. This password controlled administration provides the ability to remotely change the system’s configuration, event scoring, camera additions, deletions and movements.
System Log & Target Size; The system log even identifies malfunctioning cameras, documenting when a specific camera stopped working as well as whether or not a staff member checked into the situation. The system tracks objects as small as 5x5 pixels, or 1% of the frame.
Fully Scalable; By simply adding expansions modules as the CCTV system  grows,
Perceptrak can be interfaced with any existing CCTV system.
Shake Detection & PTZ Cameras; Image analysis is halted until camera stabilizes to reduce false alarms or until the camera movement stops.

Perceptrak is programmed to detect the following 11 potentially suspicious activities or behaviors, over 4 user configurable time periods;

Single Person; Security is notified when a person appears in a certain area at unusual time, i.e. 4:00 am.
Multiple Persons; It alerts Security to groups of people, the footage then allows the guard to evaluate if the group could be problematic or not.
Fast Moving Person; This provides the ability to evaluate why is certain person in a hurry, is he in trouble or have just caused trouble? It spots runners that are at least 5% of the frame.
Fallen Person; It alerts when person falls, laying down or just hiding.
Lurking; When someone is lurking into vehicles or at people, security is being notified of such suspicious activity, an able to prevent a possible illegal act before it happens.
Erratic Person; It detects a person checking out multiple vehicles and identifies potential vandals or car thieves before they strike.
Converging People; The system is able to detect converging people by simultaneously tracking multiple objects. There may not be cause for alarm, but with security’s involvement, possible trouble can be avoided.
Single Vehicle; When vehicle enters a garage late at night, security can be alerted to an individual who may need additional observation or help.
Multiple Vehicles; Provides guards with ability to evaluate the reason for more then one vehicle in an area and react accordingly.
Fast Vehicle; Excessive speeds within parking lots usually indicates either unsafe driving that could cause an injury, or someone that is anxious about leaving a scene, both of which security personnel should be alerted to as a potential problem or danger.
Sudden Stop of a Vehicle;
Alerts security of possible accidents, injuries or confrontations.

Perceptrak enhance your facilities CCTV Surveillance system by providing you, your tenants and your employees with greater sense of personal safety.
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