Personal Navigation Phone
Benefon Esc! Personal Navigation Phone is a revolutionary communication instrument you’ll never get lost with. It is the first phone ever for locating and directing people with GSM and GPS technology. It guides you and shows all necessary information for getting from one place to another - no matter if you’re in the wilds or in the city, inside or outside GSM coverage. Benefon Esc is equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS) navigator and maps, which can be used in the mountains, on the sea, or in the city.

Benefon Esc is also a high-class GSM Dual Band phone with brilliant features and advanced technology. The GSM radio is engineered to strict Benefon standards and - to resume connection as soon as possible - can be equipped with an optional cross-country antenna. Benefon Esc loves the outdoors as much as you do: it is splash-proof, and its casing is reinforced with stainless steel. And, despite being the complete survival pack of the contemporary nomad, the Benefon Esc is small and light-weight.

Special Features:

Advanced Dual Band GSM Phone
GSM 900/1800 or 900/1900 unparalleled reception and RF technology, optional high-gain cross-country antenna. Vibrating alert. Enhanced Full Rate (EFR) for optimal voice quality and up to seven days of standby operating time on rechargeable, light weight, lithium-ion batteries.

Speed and heading, average and top speed, trip odometer, waypoints and routes, direction, ETA and distance to waypoint. Supports NMEA 0183 interface.

Twelve channel high performance GPS receiver. Coordinates time and satellite status.

Find your Friends easily
This is a new, exclusive Personal Navigation feature. Tracks other users of Benefon ESC and locates them on the map (e.g. hiking, hunting, yachting or paramilitary exercise) and can even guide you to them (e.g. rock concert, residential address, etc.)

Genimap Mobile Maps service
The system connects to the Genimap Mobile Maps service for easy downloading of maps using any PC with web browser. Road maps, city maps, nautical charts and topographical maps from around Europe and around the world. Choice of free maps are provided with ESC.

Personal organizer and communications center
To let you roam freely, the Benefon ESC comes complete with a phone book, calendar, appointment manager, and alarm clock with snooze. It also enables access to e-mail and the web via PC with a 14.4 kbps built-in GSM data and fax modem. Features T9 text input for fast and easy text messages and notes.

Just select “Helpdesk” from the GSM Menu, and an expert helpdesk advisor will call you back 24/7/365

Emergency button
Sends up to five SOS messages with your exact global location. and opens a communication channel for voice connection to a predefined emergency number.

Tough, yet small
Casing reinforced with stainless steel and protected with elastomere. Rugged, splash-proof and weather resistant casing is only 129mm long and 23mm thick.

Colors available
The ESC is available in four (4) distinctive colors: Burn Red, Sail blue, Discover green, and Diamond black.

Wide array of accessories available
Call for the list of personal and vehicle accessories available….
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