Personal Gas Detector & Monitor
Built around our high-quality micro-sensor technology, the Personal Gas Detector & Monitor is the smallest personal 5-in-1 gas monitor with a built in sample pump. Weighing only 11 ounces, it has many features which set it apart from the competition. For example, it can monitor the standard confined space gases (LEL combustibles, Oxygen deficiency, Carbon Monoxide, and Hydrogen Sulfide), however it can also measure 100% volume combustibles and dynamically display either % LEL, or % volume with its auto-ranging ability.

On itís large LCD display shows all gas readings, battery level, current time, and will automatically backlight in alarm conditions. Each channel has 2 adjustable alarm levels in addition to TWA and STEL readings for Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Sulfide. The TWA and STEL readings are equipped with a lunch-break mode, which prevent the average readings from being reset when the unit is turned off. Standard alarm types include vibration, visual, and audible alarms that can be set to latching or non-latching. Controlled by a microprocessor, it continuously checks itself for sensor connections, low battery, circuit trouble, low flow, and calibration errors. It can interchangeably operate on either a Ni-Cad pack or 3 AA alkaline batteries. The batteries are simple to replace requiring no tools to access the battery compartment. The Ni-Cad battery pack can also receive a charge directly within the instrument or separately, allowing the unit to remain in service.

The unit is equipped with datalogging and a sizable memory capacity of up to 600 hours of log time. With this much capacity, it can store 100 alarm events, 100 trouble events, the last 20 calibrations, and up to 8 alarm trends where data is collected automatically every 5 seconds for 30 minutes before and after an alarm occurs. Calibration intervals and reminders are user adjustable and can be set to either go into alarm or to lock the user out of normal measurement mode once a calibration period has expired. Calibrations can be performed on all channels automatically or individually in single calibration mode. It is also compatible with the Data Cal 2000 calibration station for simultaneous, hands-free service of up to 10 instruments.

Compact size, weighs only 11 ounces
Monitors Combustibles, O2, CO, and H2S
0 to 100% volume Methane, Isobutane, and Hydrogen
Auto-ranging display of % volume and % LEL
Internal sample drawing pump with 50 foot range
Vibration, visual, and audible alarm types
Automatic backlight during alarms
Calibration reminder and lock out
Ni-Cad or alkaline power source
Battery pack charges in or out of the instrument
Quick charge (complete charge in 90 minutes)
Glove friendly glow in the dark buttons
Alarm latching or non latching
High impact rubber boot protection
Up to 600 hours of datalogging with alarm trends
Logs last 20 calibration events
Autocalibration or single calibration
TWA and STEL readings with lunch-break mode
Intrinsically safe, CSA, C / US approved
2 year warranty

Personal monitoring
Confined space entry
Refineries / petrochemical
Chemical plants
Hazardous material
Water / wastewater treatment
Fire services

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