Portable Chemical Warfare Agents Detector
The most sensitive handheld VOC monitor in the world with true parts per billion (ppb) detection of extremely low level, low vapor pressure and highly toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as nerve agents, pesticide residues and low level permeation breakthrough detection.
- New patented planar, dual channel PID detector
- New super bright UV lamp
- Increased sensitivity down to 1 ppb
- Reduced humidity interference
- Improved linearity
- Easily accessible lamp and sensor
- Strong, built-in sample draw pump with pump stall feature
- Prevents liquid flow into the monitor
- Snap-in, field replaceable NMH rechargeable battery 10 hours of continuous monitoring
- Smart battery charging
- Alkaline battery holder supplied
- Automotive charger available
- Large keys operable with 3 layers of gloves
- Large easy to read back light display
- Alarm activated
- Darkness or manually activated
- Preset alarm thresholds for STEL, TWA, low and high level peak values
- Audio buzzer and flashing LED display will be activated when the limits are exceeded
- 15,000 point data logging storage capacity for data download to PC
- Rubber protective boot
- 102 built-in correction factors from a RAE list of 250+ chemicals
- User selectable hygiene and survey modes
- Protected from portable radios


Weapons of Mass Destruction - chemical warfare agents
- Emergency response to hazardous spills
- Indoor air quality in new, sick and mixed usage buildings
- Outgassing of new building materials (carpets and fabrics)
- Hospital emergency room patient off gassing
- Ethylene oxide, Formaldehyde
- Breathe sampling
- Personnel monitoring of very toxic compounds - MDI, TDI
- Personal monitoring of low volatile toxic compounds, for example
- Heat exchange fluids in petrochemical plants - therminol,
- Pesticides and pesticide residues
- Hypo-allergenic studies in chemical clean rooms
- Laboratory fume hood breakthrough
- Personal protective equipment (PPE)-Breakthrough, Decision making
- Environmental Survey instrument
- Leak detection, Residue studies
- Drug detection

Ordering Information

Model PCWA
-ppb PCAD unit with 10.6eV PID detector
-Nickel metal hydride batteries
-Alkaline battery holder
-Rubber Boot
-Inlet probe and water trap filter
-Operation and maintenance manual
-Soft carry case
-Pro-RAE Suite software (data logging version)

Model PCWA Kit
Items included with Monitor Plus:
-Calibration Gas
-Calibration Regulator with flow controller
-Porous metal filter & O-ring kit
-Gas outlet port and tubing
-Tool kit
-Hard transport case

- Automotive charging adapter
- 9.8 & 11.7 eV lamps
- Collapsible remote sampling probe
- Vibration alarm

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