Portable Chemical Agents Detector
This portable chemical contamination control device used to detect chemical agents G (GA, GB, GD, GF,), VX and HD in the form of vapor or aerosols.

The Detector is particularly suitable for military use in rough conditions: fast turn on, immediate identification and measurement, single-handed operation, simplicity of use, ability to be turned off without precautions

The Detector is a flame spectrophotometer. Air containing toxic agents is drawn in and burned to a high temperature in a hydrogen burner. The elements emit rays in their spectral characteristic emissions.
The Detector detects the atoms of phosphorus (contained in G, V agents) and sulfur (contained in HD, V agents).


Weight - in operation: 2 kg (4 lbs)
Power supply: battery or external supply ( 9-32 V DC) or rechargeable battery
Temperature range - in operation: -32C to +55C
Temperature range - in storage: -39C to +71C
Sensitivity in vapors, aerosols, droplets and dust in the air: - 10 g/m3 for all G agents (1.5 ppb)
- 420 g/m3 for HD (60 ppb)
Sensitivity in liquid form ON SURFACE: - Superficial contamination: 3 g/cm2 of VX

- Absorbed contamination after 15 minutes: 2 g/cm2 of VX
Sensitivity in water: - 30 g/l of GB - 25 g/l of VX - 1.5 mg/l of HD
Sensitivity on skin in MEDICAL application: - 0.04 g/cm2 of VX - 0.35 g/cm2 of HD
Operational up to 10 000 feet altitude (3 000 meters).
  Network possibilities

When the Alarm Box is connected with the Detector, this set becomes the APACC (portable chemical control and alarm device) for chemical agents: G (GA, GB, GD, GF),VX (A4), HD. The Alarm Box is fitted to the Detector in place of the battery tray. However, the Detector can still be used at any time as a monitor device for chemical contamination.

The APACC provides an alarm for a predefined dose of toxic agents.
This dose equals the quantity of toxic that induces a disease. It is calculated by the APACC: the detector adds the values resulting from the multiplication of the detected instantaneous concentration by the elapsed time.

There is a visible alarm (the red indicator lights up) and an audible alarm (the buzzer sounds).

Holding down the push button on the Alarm Box for 6 seconds resets it.

The information can be relayed up to 400 meters via an alarm deport box using a RS 485 twisted pair link, and up to 1000 meters using a shielded cable via a surveillance station.
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