GSS Pro-A GSM Interceptor
The GSS-ProA Interceptor is the very best GSM Cellular Interceptor off-air system available in the world today. It has features never before seen in any passive intercept system. It is a completely STEALTH - invisible and non-detectable, high performance and upgradeable, multi-channel GSM Cellular Intercept and logging (recording) system. It is not only designed to receive and process GSM digital cellular signals, but it also has a built in sophisticated RF triangulation locator with near GPS accuracy. Built-in DSP and PC software determines the processing algorithms, and special Windows based software provides an intuitive and comprehensive interface to the operator.

The GSS-ProA Interceptor system intercepts GSM phones operating on both the 900MHz and also on 1800/1900MHz bands. It intercepts both, the base station and the mobile station at the same time, independently. The system will record automatically or manually all of the conversations between the two targeted phones simultaneously, and save them to a standard WAV file.

- Fully passive (non-detectable) off air interception of GSM communications
- Interception of A5.1, A5.2, A5.3 and 3G Encrypted Voice Channels
- Extraction oh Ki code (Ki-Grab) off air from a distance of 20 miles
- Totally covert operation to both target phone as well as network provider
- Automatically intercepts calls to/from target from flagged database
- Will intercept calls made in another countries.
- Standard version has 4 channels in full duplex, which means that it can intercept four (4) live
cellular communications simultaneously (at the same time)
- Unit will intercept SMS, Fax and also E-mail.
- Built-in tracking system of targets location, with near GPS accuracy even when target is inside buildings.
- Built-in Voice Recognition System (Military RF Triangulation Technology)
- Automatic or manual scanning of frequency channels search for emission of system cells
- Definition of work regimes and emission parameters
- Auto or manual adjustment of reception track on receipt of signal from base station
- Saving of adjustment current configuration as a file on disk
- Auto loading of any previously saved configurations

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