Protect Fax Commercial Scrambler
- As easy as sending a fax-the DS-100 uses encryption technology that doesn't slow down
  your office
- Transmits documents with an "unscrambled" reception report to identify the fax
   message's intended recipient.
- Completely scrambles sensitive sections of a document into an unreadable "electronic
- Restores the original appearance of the fax-including text, signatures, line art and
   halftone images-when the document is unscrambled.
- Uses a private key system to encrypt and decrypt fax messages.
- Stores and protects commonly used passcode keys.
- Allows easy and uninterrupted use of the fax for unscrambled transmissions.

Confidentiality is important throughout a business: Personnel matters, legal issues, pricing and other topics deserve absolute secrecy. Muratec offers a sophisticated scrambling option for the MFX-1500 and MFX-1500E that protects your sensitive correspondence without requiring complicated operations to send and receive the information your business uses everyday.

As Easy As Sending a Fax

Documents sent through the DS-100 are scrambled and unreadable until received and decoded at your destination by a similar MFX-1500. Documents are transmitted through the document feeder as in a normal fax transmission, and the original document is unchanged by the encryption of the transmitted image.

At the remote MFX-1500, an encryption reception report is printed with a small unscrambled "header", and with encrypted data on the rest of the page. The readable header allows the fax operator to identify the intended recipient. Although the reception report alerts the fax operator that an encrypted fax has been received, the encrypted message cannot be decoded without the encryption key known only to the intended recipient.

To decode the message, the intended recipient instructs the fax machine to print the encrypted message from memory and enters his or her private decryption key. The encrypted message is then printed from the fax. As an added security feature, the fax machine allows multiple copies of the decrypted document to be printed out, so that confidential documents need not be placed on a copier.

Sophisticated Encryption
Muratec's DS-100 encryption system is designed with sophisticated commercial encryption technology developed first in Israel. Encrypted documents are scanned into memory before transmission, so you can return to your desk and safely store your confidential documents while the fax machine encrypts and transmits your correspondence. The "hash" format of encrypted fax messages is unreadable by unintended viewers.





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