Public Safety Program
  Biological & Chemical Protective Mask
Effective against biological agents and these Chemical Warfare agents: GA, GB (Sarin), GD, VX, Mustard, and Lewisite. For protection against CN, CS, P100 particulate efficiency level and particulates. Nose cup eliminates fogging and speaking diaphragm allows communication...
  Disposable Toxicological Agent Protective Suit C1
Designed for Police, Fire, and EMS responders for protection against chemical and biological hazards. Provides protection against dual-use industrial chemicals, chemical warfare agents, and biological warfare agents. DuPont material delivers a superior chemical barrier...
  Disposable Toxicological Agent Protective Suit A
Provides protection against dual-use industrial chemicals, chemical warfare agents, and biological warfare agents. Dupont material delivers a superior chemical barrier combined with physical strength, durability, and enhanced comfort and flexibility. Designed for use in short-duration...
  Fibereye Fiberscope
Inspect areas as small as 4mm (based on borescope/fiberscope). View images on 5in (12.7 cm) Active Matrix TFT-LCD color display. See hard-to-reach places without major teardown or disassembly. Discover small problems before they become large problems...
  Ultimate Disaster Shelters & Escape Platforms
the perfect solution for achieving the peace of mind that comes from being prepared for the very worst case scenario. Whether it is a natural disaster like flooding, fire, earthquake, hurricanes or tornadoes or Nuclear fallout, Bioterrorism, Chemical warfare, Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attacks...
  Advanced Consequence Management System
A turn-key system designed to provide incident commanders at WMD events with real time access to remote NBC sensor and meteorological data, vapor plume tracking and downwind hazard prediction, and critical situational awareness functions...
  Preparing For Terrorism: A Family Guide
A terrorist attack would likely come without any warning. The best way to prepare is to have a disaster plan in place. Your family should create a plan that includes emergency contacts, identification information, meeting locations, disaster supply kit and more. Be sure to practice your plan...
  EMP/EMI/EMR Shielding
Faraday box is a special shielded metal box, room or a building designed to divert and soak up the EMP radiation before it can cause a permanent damage. It provides more protection to electrical components than "hardening" through special circuit designs. Our proprietary Copper or aluminum foil...
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