RoboGuard Mobile Security Robot
By incorporating the very latest advances in Robotics and in Security Technology - The RoboGuard is taking the entire Security Industry into a brand new “Futuristic” level.

Only five feet and three inches in height, this “Security Masterpiece” is already taking over the leadership in the Security Industry all over Europe, Canada and the U.S.A.

Equipped with 240 individually programmed sensors, day and night vision remote cameras, the latest in biometrics - fingerprint technology, radar, and infrared motion and ultrasound sensors - it can detect suspicious movements even behind walls, all types of divisions, and even between floors and ceilings.

It uses a highly sensitive steering system to navigate its way thorough confusing complexes, enormous hallways, factories, office floors, or even through labyrinth like laboratories, plants and department stores.

Neural networks allow it to automatically navigate at 4km per hour in unique, specially pre-programmed patterns to cover locations such as warehouses, factories, offices, shopping centers, bank’s, museums, art galleries, government installations and buildings, restricted - high sensitive areas. It has a built-in, very latest, high performance, quick charge power pack, assuring its non-stop top performance for up to 18 hours at a time.

It reliably recognizes and immediately triggers the alarm at the monitoring or guard station to potential dangers such as; movement, human like shapes, smoke, temperature fluctuations, all types of gas, carbon monoxide, even chemical, biological, and nuclear radiation.

Once the Robot discovers a suspicious person, it orders them to identify themselves by using their fingerprint, speaking in 24 different languages. If they refuse, or are unable to prove their identity, it triggers an audible or silent alarm warning the proper authorities of a security breach and intrusion. Then after 10 seconds, it resets itself automatically and goes on to continue its duty.

- Cost effective security 24/7 including over time
- No Labor Board or Workmen’s Compensation concerns
- No sick days or overtime
- 18 hours shifts without breaks
- No additional cost on Statutory Holidays
- Removes retraining issues with staff turnover
- Patrols and duties are transferable
- Remote viewing from a manned security location
- It can be remotely operated or set on a pre-programmed course
- Live video recording of what is “seen” on the patrol tour
- Monitors dangerous environments and conditions
- Not susceptible to human weaknesses

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