Sat-Link Global Office Link
Imagine taking your entire office wherever you go, anywhere in the world. Imagine sending and receiving phone calls, photos, faxes, data, and documents worldwide ...with no phone lines and no external power.

The SatLink brings you all this, and more, in two weather-tight, rugged briefcases. Never before has so much capability been available in such a portable, lightweight package, at this affordable price.

The SatLink is the union of technologies from computer and electronics integrator EER Systems, and satellite communications leader NEC.

You can send and receive faxes, data, photos, and phone calls using local phone lines. If no phone lines are available, use the built-in cellular phone with the flip of a switch. And when traveling outside cellular range, switch to INMARSAT's new digital standard "M". Wherever you are, you can communicate!

The SatLink also provides an integrated laser quality printer for those times paperwork is required on the-spot. The integrated power supply allows usage and battery recharging from the widest range of AC and DC sources.

Options include a built-in Global Positioning System which provides your latitude, longitude, and altitude- you can additionally superimpose your geographical location on integrated color maps.

Your computing power can be enhanced with upgraded processor, memory, fixed or removable hard disk, display, and ports.

Accessories include a digital camera for capture and transmission of images as files or faxes. A portable full page scanner allows easy storing, copying and faxing of hard copy. Other accessories such as an external battery, a hands-free cellular microphone, encryption software, provide maximum flexibility to meet your special needs.

Do you need the SatLink?
The applications for the SatLink are as versatile as its users, including:
- emergency response teams
- law enforcement agencies
- military and government personnel
- oil and mineral companies
- natural resources organizations
- public utility personnel
- scientists and expeditions
- reporters and news media
- other international travelers

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