Special Operations Drill
The operationally proven Near Silent Drill has been refined and developed over many years of professional operational experience to produce an immensely powerful and near silent low noise drill. In a hostage or surveillance situation the Near Silent Drilling System allows audio and visual intelligence to be gathered without alerting the targets.

The Near Silent Drill will successfully drill through a wide range of construction materials using the specially developed main drills for long access holes and pinhole drills for the final breakthrough. The main drill bits are diamond coated meaning that even the toughest of construction materials can be drilled successfully and when combined with the two 100mm extension tubes all but the thickest of walls can be drilled.

The drill has a highly-geared near silent gearbox which allows one to drill at very low speeds. It is the speed at which one drills rather than the material being drilled which really dictates the noise of the operation.

The Near Silent Drill is mounted to the target wall using a base plate and adhesive or by securing it with a pin. Once in position the angle of drilling and the speed of the operation can be closely controlled. Unlike other drilling systems the unit does not have to be help in place by the operator.

The complete system is contained within a discreet briefcase.

Drill speed: Variable
Power Requirements: Internal - batteries will run for 10 hrs.
External - 12v DC or mains via PSU.
Main bore size: 6.5mm, others available.
Pinhole bore size: 1mm
Drill head weight: 1.6kg
System weight in case:9kg
Case dimensions: 47 x 36 x 15cm.

Standard kit:
Control unit with built in batteries
Drill motor assembly
Drill guide and wall fixing unit with set of 3 mounting plates (disposable).
Expanding pliers and Allen keys
Mains PSU & Battery Charger
Drill Bits - Main & Pinhole plus 125mm & 250mm extension tubes
Lockable Briefcase

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