Surveillance & Special Vehicles
Our MSV Surveillance and Special Vehicles are available on most popular chassis; Ford, Dodge, GMC cargo utility vans, commercial truck bodies and other custom chassis.

Standard chassis features:
- Gasoline engines EFI (diesel optional)
- Upgrade suspension
- Automatic transmission with electronic overdrive
- Cruise control system and tilt column
- ABS Hydraulic brake system
- All season radial tires
- Upgrade alternator package with auxiliary battery back-up system
- Heavy duty radiator heating and cooling system
- Other features and options are also available

Surveillance Vehicles Electrical System:
- Heavy duty marine, maintenance free - deep cycle multiple battery system
- 120/240 ACV and 12VDC multiple outlets
- 2000 Watt Power Inverter
- Shore power system with 100 ft. automatic power AC cord
- Emergency start solenoid system
- Remote start RF & Cellular engine control
- Color coded wiring system with complete diagram
- Individual power switches with safety breakers
- Custom designed, discrete lighting system
- Other features and systems are also available

Additional Equipment and options:
- Two completely computerized work stations with captainís chairs
- Remote control Stealth Surveillance Periscope
- Day & Night - High resolution Digital Camera System
- Dual Thermal Imaging system
- DVR and Digital Audio Recording & Logging system
- Laser Microphone
- Built in color Flat Screen monitors
- Color video & data printer
- Fax machine with or without encryption
- Video & audio Teleconferencing terminal
- Full spectrum Digital & Analog Communication Receiver
- RDF Military Radio Direction Finder & Tracker
- Cellular Interceptor Terminal with voice recognition software
- Land line wireless telephone interceptor with 144 channel logger
- GSS Computer data interceptor
- GPS tracking and surveillance package, including the GSS Hostage tracker
- Satellite communication terminal
- Trunked  radio encrypted communication terminal & listening post
- Microwave & IR data Tx/Rx link
- Disguised antenna array
- NBC - Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Surveillance Post
- Level 5 - Bulletproofing and Explosion proofing including run flat tires
- Weapons and Food/drink Storage unit
- Silent cooling & heating system
- Completely sealed interior with emergency oxygen supply
- Portable toilet
- Other high-tech equipment and options are also available

Other Special Vehicle available:
- Armored and Special Transport Vehicles
- Command Centers for Law Enforcement and Military
- Emergency Response Vehicles
- Special Application Trailers
- Bomb Squad Vehicles

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