Telephone Bug De-Activator
Our new Telephone Bug De-Activator uses advanced counter-measures technology to provide complete protection of any telephone line. It can be installed permanently, in a matter of minutes, to any telephone line worldwide. The De-Activator defeats not only transmitting devices but also recording equipment and other eavesdropping devices. It electronically modifies and isolates the telephone line so that eavesdropping equipment is either rendered ineffective or paralyzed altogether.

There is no necessity to be alert to warning lights or alarms, and the telephone can simply be used as normal. The telephone user will be unable to detect changes in the telephone line signal, but several modifications are made to the signal itself. The signal is processed to mask frequencies of speech and high impedance eavesdropping devices (which for the most part are undetectable) cannot function, whilst medium and low impedance devices are prevented from operating. Equipment which is inductively coupled, (another very difficult category to detect,) is rendered useless. Also effected by this process are RF transmitters, capacitively-coupled devices, tape recorder activators, extension telephone and linesman's handsets.

The second counter-measures technique which is used is the manipulation of the voltage and current characteristics of the line. Devices utilizing either voltage or current to sense that telephone is off-hook are electrically shut off and therefore no recordings or transmissions are activated.

The Telephone Bug De-Activator provides an electronic ringer and hook-switch isolation to the telephone. The telephone is completely isolated from the line and eavesdropping devices, such as hook-switch bypasses and infinity transmitters, cannot work. Isolation of the line also prevents modification of the telephone to a make it a listening device when on-hook.


-Indicators: 10-segment LED bar-graph (Modulator)
-10-segment LED bar-graph (Regulator)
-LED's: Power on, Regulator on, Modulator on
-Controls: On/off switch
-Modulator level adjustment control
-Regulator level adjustment control
-Inputs: Telephone line
-Power: 110, 220 or 240 VAC
-Size: 160 x 140 x 60mm
-Weight: 1kg
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