Through the Wall Radar
The Miniature Motion Sensor is the smallest motion detector in the world and detects all manner of body motions, including hand movement. The noiseless system can be used to activate cameras and other devices and has an adjustable run time device fitted as standard.


Operating/Recognition Radius: 5m

Detection area: 100ş

Switching Power: 1A (max. 3A)

Power Supply: 3-15V 300µA @ 4V

Adjustable DIP switch from 15seconds to 10 min.
Covert intelligence
The TWR has been designed for dangerous and life-threatening situations, where without invasive sensors it presents reliable information to the operative. Using highly sophisticated software, the unit can analyse radar signals and instantly filter out objects that are not moving behind a wall or door.

This means that TWR can be used in a range of different environments - even offices with their angular surfaces and metal objects, which act as a ‘hall of mirrors’ to standard radar equipment. This level of analysis means that users do not waste their valuable time in translating spurious data; they can focus their attention on what is most important - the people inside.

Easy to use
Whether police, special forces or emergency services, the people using TWR need to be able to act quickly on the information presented. This means that the user interface is of critical importance and this is why it has been a focus of the product’s development. Based around just four navigation buttons, the interface is structured in such a way that the user can quickly switch between views (front, plan and profile), as well as view the scenario within a 3D environment, which can be rotated to look at a room from various entry points. The display can also be switched from day to night mode, which means that TWR has uses in the widest possible range of real-life situations.

Maximum range Will detect personnel up to 20m
Field of view 120° horizontally and 90° vertically
Display 2D and 3D colour display with 640 x 480 resolution

Wall materials Proven with: brick and block separated by a cavity; timber; cinder block;
concrete block; 9" brick; reinforced concrete (subject to reinforcing bar spacing)
Frequency range 1.7-2.2 GHz
Resolution 30cm
Environmental Rugged, IP68; operating temperature -20°C to 55°C
Transmit power -10dBm per MHz average across the band
Dimensions and Weight 305 × 450 × 210mm; 5.7kg inc battery
Battery 3-5 hours’ continuous use on a single charge (typically up to 24hrs standby)
UN approval code: 5840-99-679-8569

• Advanced signal processing to highlight moving objects and people in cluttered environments
• Tough, durable, lightweight and waterproof casing
• Colour display with front, plan, profile and 3D views
• TCP/IP interface for networking and laptop connection
• Battery powered, providing 3-5 hours’ continuous use
• Intuitive user interface
• One-handed, two-handed or tripod operation
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