Ultimate Disaster Shelters & Escape Platforms
After you have seen the rest, choose the best shelter to survive!!!

Our Ultimate Disaster Shelters & Escape Platforms are the perfect solution for achieving the peace of mind that comes from being prepared for the very worst case scenario. Whether it is a natural disaster like Flooding, Fire, Earthquake, Volcano lava flow or ash outbreak, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Tsunamis, Nuclear fallout, Bioterrorism, Chemical warfare, Pandemics  or Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attacks, you can stay in perfect piece knowing that you and your loved ones are safe and protected. Our Eco friendly green shelter habitats are designed to survive virtually any type of catastrophe or threat scenario. The Military grade underground shelters not only offer complete protection from all above mentioned disasters, but also allows the storage of adequate food supply, water, electricity and air supplies stored in different shapes and forms.

Furthermore, every consideration has been made for the overall comfort and survival of the inhabitants - including humans, children, plants and pets.  Each shelter is totally self-sufficient, with deep water wells, NBC air filtration, redundant power generation, fuel storage, self cleaning septic systems, survival equipment and supplies, appropriate security measures, an abundant supply of freeze dried foods, hybrid seeds, medicine and medical/dental equipment, clothing, educational books and literature, entertainment, communication facilities, farming and fishing equipment, and a variety of off-road vehicles.

Our Ultimate Disaster Shelters & Escape Platforms have been engineered by a team of experts to withstand a 50 megaton blast, within 10 miles, and virtually any other force that either nature or mankind may create.

Starting from Single and Multiple underground shelters to completely self sufficient  underground complex living for hundreds, even thousands of inhabitants, it is possible to prolong normal, comfortable life style and stay in touch with other similar global shelter communities and existing outside world using available communication methods.

Disaster Shelters available:

* BIOSHELTERS are shelter habitats built underground or inside the mountain or large hill

* AQUASHELTERS are shelters built under the water, like oceans, lakes, rivers, large pond

* AQUABIOSHELTERS are built beside the water and they are interconnected with each other

* COSMOSHELTERS are shelter habitats and communities  built in space

Some of our unique capabilities:

* Unlimited pure water supply independent from water wells

* Unlimited clean air supply with temperature control

* Proprietary Hydrogen generator for unlimited non disruptive electric supply

* Live Biosphere & Aviary with environmental control available for higher end shelters

* Proprietary safety escape platforms available for all our higher end shelters

* Global Audio & Video Communication Center available for higher end shelters

* Complete medical facilities available for higher end shelters

* Indoor theatre & Entertainment Room, Gym and Playroom available for most of our shelters

* Rock solid construction built from proven moisture proof and crack proof materials

* Fire proof, sound proof and special breathable material used for inside walls & ceilings

* Proprietary high end independent security perimeter and CCTV system 

We welcome all serious inquiries.

After you have seen the rest, why not choose the best shelter to survive!!!