Under Vehicle Surveillance System
The GSS-UVSC Under Vehicle Surveillance System adopts advanced line scan image processing technology to provide a detail inspection result in the form of a complete full color undercarriage image for detailed inspection.

A standard UV Color system usually consists of one Observation Unit for image capturing and one computerized Receiving Station pre-loaded with software application for monitoring and inspection.
System Functions and Benefits

The system’s unique design provides the following:-

Vehicles are screened automatically upon entry using a vehicle loop detector to activate the UV system.

The entire undercarriage image is displayed for inspection (not just a small area)

Generates a high quality color image of at least 2048 pixels for true inspection

Have halogen lights built-into the observation unit to enhance visibility.

Inspection can be conducted day & night , even under severe weather conditions

Inspection is conducted from an easy to use Graphic User Interface (GUI) pre-configured into the system and piped into a LCD monitor for inspection.

SRZ - Super Rapid Zoom feature provided to expand the image of suspicious area for instant & clear visibility.

Image quality enhancement feature provided to adjust the image brightness and contrast according to the different lighting conditions in either outdoor or indoor environment.

Reference image panel is provided for comparison of the current image with any historical image of the same vehicle for even faster detection.

Vehicle details such as vehicle entry date, time or license plate number can be stored into the UV Color Vehicle Database for storage and retrieval purposes.

QS - Patented Quick Search feature allows instant access to the vehicle manufacturers database for quick recognition & investigation purposes…

Print feature allows security personnel to generate and print Vehicle Entry Report according to daily, monthly or yearly basis.

Optional features:
Vehicle License Plate Recognition System (VLPR)
An advanced automatic recognition system that provides automatic input of the vehicle license plate number for fast vehicle identification.
Vehicle Front View General Scene Camera An external general scene camera can be placed to capture the image of the vehicle outlook to be saved as a form of record of the vehicle already screened.
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                             UV Color Fixed Observation Units                                   Portable UV Color
        The system can be deployed in either portable or fixed mode according to requirements.




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