GSS Semi Passive Interceptor
Capable of Intercepting: A5.2 - A5.1 - 3G Encryption protocols

The new GSS Semi Passive Cellular GSM Interceptor is a Multi-Layer-Application (MLA) tactical system that interrogates and identifies any GSM mobile handset from the air. The GSS Cellular GSM Interceptor identifies, and when relevant, captures the mobile handset in a virtual GSM network that allows you to perform complicated and enhanced manipulations and operations. The Interceptors tactical system’s small, covert, and flexible design, along with its sophisticated applications, gives Law Enforcement Agencies a powerful tool with the following new capabilities:

Identifies anonymous subscriber handsets (IMSI/IMEI/TMSI) without attracting attention
Collects, verifies and provides an alert if a target is identified at a scene (i.e. airports,
   borders, embassies, prisons, etc.)
Identifies the location of the target
Operates a virtual GSM network
Selectively jams subscriber’s phones in order to isolate a target from its GSM network
GSM Call Routing (GCR) enables the unit to intercept a target’s incoming and outgoing
   calls and SMS messages.

The GSS Semi-Passive Cellular GSM Interceptor enhances the monitoring operations of traditional Lawful Interception systems (monitoring centers) by allowing them to identify the ID and conduct a network-centric interception of a specific target’s mobile handset (i.e. IMSI or IME). This is done via a legally compliant monitoring centre (optional). Using the GSS Semi-Passive Cellular GSM Interceptor, Law Enforcement Agencies enjoy the advantage of intercepting calls at an operational field location with switch-based system quality and availability.

The GSS Semi-Passive Cellular GSM Interceptor can also be employed as a tactical interception solution. By utilizing its extended functionality, the Interceptor can intercept and record the outgoing calls of targets under surveillance. It also enables the location of a target through the silent activation of the phone’s transmission.

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