Day & Night Vision Optics
  Mega Ray Military Search Light
a fully portable ultra high intensity spotlight classified as a Super Light because of its exceptional ability to illuminate well beyond the performance of any other hand held light available on the market. The system provides exceptionally long distance illumination sufficient to read the small print of a newspaper...
  Long Wave Extra Power Filtered Flashlight
New 51 bulb LED Flashlight which emits ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 385 nm. This version of the flashlight has a broader coverage than the smaller 9 bulb version. It is powerful enough to make gems and minerals fluoresce even in normal room lighting. this field tested UV mineral-quality....
  Tactical and Professional Torch Lights
The very best Tactical Torch Lights available on the market. Deployed by global Military and Tactical Law Enforcement groups - the latest in extreme bright LED technology they surpass the brightness of all competition. It is 50 times brighter then any other high intensity LED flashlight available...
  Advanced Tactical Search Light
This 40-watt 4,150 lumen tactical first entry portable Search light with Integrated handle is without a doubt one of the most powerful and streamlined hand held HID searchlights available in the world. Approx 12" in length and just under 4 lbs., it is not much bigger than a large flashlight...
  Military Held Thermal Imager
Featuring audio and video capabilities. 1 km (0.62mile) effective range, encrypted transmission, 60 minutes internal battery, Built-in super sensitive microphone, keeps transmitting images for approximately 25 hours using a “D” cell Lithium battery. With a regular D size alkaline battery...
  Maxabeam Searchlight
A high intensity Xenon searchlight originally designed for military search and rescue missions: The MaxaBeam™ uses a unique short-arc Xenon lamp which creates a six million candlepower beam of white light. The 3.2 pound (1.45 kg) unit provides sufficient light to read a newspaper from...
  Digital Night Vision Scope
Exceeds military-grade (Gen III) night vision in every aspect: greater resolution, better clarity, longer range and the most significant factor of them all, zoom capability. The DNV scope’s digital technology offers a 2x to 8x zoom magnification, something no other form of night vision can...
  Night Vision Thermal Fusion System
Until now there were two night vision technologies available for night time viewing: Light intensifier Night Vision technology and Infrared Thermal Imaging for use under adverse weather conditions. Both have their own advantages as well as limitations. The special purpose of the Night...
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