Video/Audio Surveillance
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  Wireless Micro Cameras
Featuring audio and video capabilities. 1 km (0.62mile) effective range, encrypted transmission, 60 minutes internal battery, Built-in super sensitive microphone, keeps transmitting images for approximately 25 hours using a D cell Lithium battery. With a regular D size alkaline battery...
  Tiny Audio/Video Cameras
These cameras feature 0.8mm pinhole-lens, full automatic digital operation, digital auto-processing, 150 min. internal battery (2.4V~3V 290mA), 2.4 GHz microwave transmitter, 30m (100ft.) effective range or 100m (300ft.) range also available. Available with...
  Secret Video/Audio Cards
The thinnest in the world. Only 8 mm of the thickness.
Dimensions: 8 x 49 x 83 (mm) 0.3 x 1.93 x 3.27 (inch)
Weight: 45g 1.6 oz. only 8mm thin, and have 180 min. long battery power, built-in super sensitive concealed microphone and a super bright infrared...
  Undercover Mobile Phone Camera & DVR
Introducing the most covert pocket DVR with built in high resolution stealth Sony CCD camera. Looks just like a cell phone, yet records hours (up to 16) high quality video on micro SD card. An amazing 450 lines of resolution. Starts recording at the touch of a secret button...
  LG-3G Mobile Spy Phone with Live Video Stream
This customized  LG-3G special quad band functioning mobile phone has a built in concealed high resolution proprietary microchip camera that can be deployed by instant touch command to snap HD photos or send professional live video streams to designated Smart phones, Tablets, iPad, PC or...
  Stealth Blackberry Video & Audio Surveillance (restricted)
This customized Blackberry allows STEALTH (undetected) video audio recordings & live streaming for Police and Government undercover operations. Easy to use, with normal mobile phone functions still available, makes this special surveillance product  the ideal tool for all types of undercover...
  Mini Through-Wall/Ceiling Remote Viewing Kit
A very competitively priced flexible endoscope designed for covert surveillanceand search applications where only a tiny viewing aperture, such as a key hole, under a door, or even a pin hole, may be available. Having an image bundle with 30,000 pixels, each of only 8 micron...
  Audio/Video Under Door Viewer
designed to provide high quality audio and video allowing for the operator to make a detailed assessment of the target area be it for Special Forces or Prison Service applications. With a blade of only 4mm the Audio/Video Underdoor viewer is able to penetrate the narrowest of gaps allowing for high..
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